Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

released on Nov 12, 2020
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

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Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

released on Nov 12, 2020

The latest adventure in the Spider-Man universe will build on and expand ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ through an all-new story. Players will experience the rise of Miles Morales as he masters new powers to become his own Spider-Man.

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My only complaint is length. This was a 11 hour game to 100%

While I loved those 11 hours, it just didn't feel like enough time to appreciate being spiderman.

Better than the first game? Possibly. The only problem I had with this was that it felt a bit short. Other than that it's a great game, super fun and it looks amazing. Highly recommend it!

Amazing aswell, just felt that the villain's identity was a little too easy to predict.

A wonderful follow up to Spider-Man. Despite being short, it’s a sweet game that is a lot more fun. From venom powers to camouflage, it was an absolute blast to play as Miles Morales. I hope whatever the next main Spidey entry is, it lets you play as Miles.

Taking a star off for letting me wear the Spiderverse suit but not have the entire rest of the game look as dope. I mean seriously, make a Miles Spiderverse game. Seriously.

story fucking sucks, but the combat is better than the last game

It's the sequel to my favourite game of all time.

Of course I'll enjoy it when I play it.

(I'll start playing it when I get back to Singapore).