Medal of Honor

released on Oct 31, 1999

Medal of Honor is the first title in the Medal of Honor series. The game was inspired by DreamWorks Interactive co-founder Steven Spielberg. The game follows Jimmy Patterson, a 24-year-old OSS operative as he infiltrates and sabotages Nazi War Machine during the final days of WW II.

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this game feels like a hollywood movie from start to finish. incredible.

um jogo acima do seu tempo, uma IA que da um pau em muito AAA de hj em dia, os inimigos reagem ao dano aonde tu acerta, eles agem de maneiras diferente, é absurdo o que fizeram.
mas o ponto negativo pra mim fica pra parte final, que é muito frustrante, por muito pouco eu não desisto de terminar.
os cenários são maravilhosos, retratam muito bem a guerra, e o sistema de mira tu se acostuma rápido.

While it shows its age and can be confusing at times, the theme and missions in this game were a ton of fun.

Os controles de fato envelheceram mal, mas toda a estética e história por trás desse game, fazem ele merecer essa nota. Um jogo que nasceu de uma ideia de filme e contou com a mente de Steven Spielberg para ser produzido e se tornar o que se tornou... fantástico.
Na época esse era um dos melhores jogos de todos. Extremamente realista em todos os sentidos e dou o destaque para a construção de cenários e de áudio desse game que é impecável.
Não é longo e nem curto, possui o tamanho ideal para uma jogatina de um dia que, no final, vai te trazer diversão, imersão e, para alguns, como no meu caso, nostalgia.

Well how about that, the movie guy wrote a video game story!
You know, for someone just going off of his son playing goldeneye on n64, Spielberg didn't do so bad for his first try! Of course it's not without it's faults. The levels can be very short enough where you could probably beat this all in one sitting (whether that's a good or bad thing to you is subjective), and the AI can be a major pain to fight against when they can stand half a magazine of bullets halfway through the game. But other than that, I had a pretty good time playing this! Ah, and that Michael Giacchino ost will always be a treat to hear.
Can you believe the best song is through a small radio and in the credits if you check it out? Anyways, Is it going to be on a must play again for me? Probably not, but I am glad that I got to play through the franchise's first baby steps. Hell, even recommending something like this game can be rough with the control scheme and could be a huge barrier for gamers these days. I almost had blisters playing through this on an emulator, just because the dual stick option wasn't the best scheme for me. I did end up with scheme two, where it made me feel like I was playing doom with the way I was speed strafing all over the levels.

Easily the best FPS for PS1, if only for its controls. I can't stand using shoulder buttons for strafing or not being able to strafe altogether, but that was the reality for nearly all PS1 shooters at the time. The Dualshock controller definitely improved the situation drastically, but only a few first-person shooters actually utilized it, and even out of those some had horrendous aiming sensitivity (e.g. Delta Force: Urban Warfare). In terms of controls, Medal of Honor is undoubtedly the best of its genre on the platform. That being said, it's still a FPS for PS1. For all the achievements of Medal of Honor, it is still heavily held back by its limitations. In 1999 we had System Shock 2, Unreal Tournament, AvP, Half-Life had come out a year prior and was already receiving expansions.
Medal of Honor has a solid core gameplay. Shooting is fun, but still a little imprecise, since you have to stand still to use the crosshair. It becomes pretty fun when you get an assault rifle. Levels are mostly very linear and tasks usually involve either shooting enemies or interacting with objects. One time I missed one of those and had to backtrack the entire level to its very beginning. That wasn't fun. Though the gameplay is solid, it is very bare-bones and gets repetitive pretty quickly. It's very small scale, so it consists mostly of shootouts with 1-3 enemies. You rarely get to see any spectacle or get involved in some interesting scenarios. But easily the single worst thing about this game is the lack of checkpoints. If you die, you have to replay the entire mission, and they're long af. Sometimes you fail a mission because you didn't quite understand what you were doing (the PS1 graphics don't make it easier), and that leads to a lot of frustration. A single mistake sets you back like 15 minutes or so. But this wouldn't be a huge deal if the game actually offered you anything special, but the truth is there is no reason to play this in 2022. It was surely one of the best games to have for your PS1 in 1999 if you didn't have a PC, but there's really nothing here that haven't been done better in other first-person shooters, even at the time.
Still I can't overlook the stellar presentation: graphics, music, the general vibe of the game. Combined with great controls, this becomes the first (and possibly only) candidate when you're looking to play an FPS on PS1. Though I imagine nobody actually uses the actual hardware anymore. For example, I played this on PS Vita, where I could just download Medal of Honor: Heroes, a much better game.