Mega Man Battle Network

released on Mar 21, 2001
by Capcom

In the future, a young net-battler named Lan, boots his 'personal exploration terminal' (PET) and prepares to hack into the network to battle net crime. Lan's PET is no ordinary network navigator. It's Mega Man.EXE, the cyber-identity, which infiltrates the crime-ridden network to battle destructive computer viruses. Defeat viruses in real time and collect Battle Chips program data, containing valuable weapons data and critical system info. Collect over 175 Battle Chips to help Land and Mega Man.EXE restore peace and order to the network.

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To be honest, I expected much worse out of the first entry given how much people bash it. The vast majority of it is just bland and tedious, and the Elecman scenario practically docks it another half-star by itself. Regardless, BN1 actually has some of my favorite enemies in the series.

Non è che sia un brutto gioco, ma il combat system è l'apoteosi del cosiddetto palo nel culo porcoddio

The first of the series which surprisingly holds up better than I thought. It’s the future and an alternate timeline to the og mega man series. Everything is connected to the internet and using your net navigator or Navi you must explore the internet fight viruses and fight evil navis working with the terrorist organization WWW. Combat is fun as these games are more of an action rpg. Battles are fought using a card game based system and it’s really fun especially the boss fights. Some puzzles can feel cryptic and tedious especially later (elecman are cough cough) But overall the game isn’t bad it’s definitely the first of the series and the series sky rockets from this point. Worth playing to see the roots of the series not worth 100 percent completing in my book.

(Played in Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection on Switsh) It’s fine! Laid the foundation for the rest of the series which is really all this game needed to do. honestly surprised they didn’t bother to fix some of the localization bugs because they’re pretty noticeable even now.

Good Gameplay , shit level scenario and story

KH1 of megaman. A solid baseline of the gameplay keeps the meandering of the plot and poor map design afloat but even the gameplay is still a little confused and needed some sanding.
If you bought the entire legacy collection and are on the fence about playing it I'd say it's worth the 15 or so hours it'd take to rush through it, especially if you are more used early franchise "jank" or are nostalgic for these games. If you're neither you might wanna start with Battle Network 3.