Mega Man Legends

released on Dec 18, 1997


Mega Man blasts his way into the third dimension in an amazing new adventure. Mega Man Legends combines the best of classic Mega Man action with enormous bosses, a riveting storyline and all the depth of the hottest RPG.

Explore vast 3-D worlds in your quest to find the treasure of all treasures, the Mother Lode. You'll love the new 3-D graphics, deadly weapons and non-stop action... unless of course, you're a boss.

* Awesome Weapons!
* Diabolical Bosses!
* Legendary Gameplay!
* Non-Stop 3-D Action!

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The control scheme is clunky. This would've benefitted greatly from analog support.

Mega Man Legends is a game that managed to surprise me in what it was going for. For years I'd heard comparisons to other 3D games of its time (even those it technically predates) and hearing pretty unfavorable comparisons while people would praise the charm the game absolutely exudes from just looking at it. Playing it for myself after all these years has left me in total awe. This whole package clicks together a lot of things that I just fuck with and appreciate in games in general.
Like that art direction man, the fuckin Ghibli/Nadia Secret of the Blue Water ass aesthetic, that Tatsuro Yamashita For You album cover art summertime aesthetic, the vibes, THE VIBES, they're all there man. This game, these character models, everything about the visuals is peak 90's PS1 aestheticism to me. I never even played this game as a child yet looking at it just fills me with a kind of warm nostalgia that's just really nice to sit in.
Gliding around this island, exploring its depths and mysteries hidden within it, learning more about both Mega Man and Kattleox as a place, meshing with the people of the island and getting closer to them as ya help em out with their day to day problems. By the end of the game I came to adore Kattleox, slowly becoming one of my favorite locations in a game due to how much focus and attention every inch of it gets. It ends up feeling alive in ways that feel so great to just be in, characters running around doing their thang while you're doing your own thang, climbing buildings, going on dates, hanging out, running the news station, working on their own artistic masterpieces. None of them are waiting for you to come back to them, they're all just living their lives.
The characters too, oh my GOD the characters. Data, that little dancing friend, just such a wonderful little companion/save point for ya. The Bonnes and their Team Rocket-esque goofiness that Mega Man has to reign in every now and then, Mega Man's dumb goofy energy, Roll and Gramps laid back and inquisitive yet caring demeanors. The whole cast just hits the neurons really well for me here, especially the Bonnes who were a treat every single time they appeared.
The only rough spot I majorly had with this game was just the gameplay is a little rough, part of that from age but I honestly think the encounter design in this game just isn't the best. The lock on can be a total mess in any fight with more than 2 enemies, jumping and shooting doesn't feel the best. Thankfully though if something ever bumps ya on the head a bit harder than ya'd like ya can just go and upgrade your shit which is at least nice as a kind of trade off but I really do hope Tron Bonne and Legends 2 fix that a bit.
Such a beautiful experience that I cherished quite deeply by the end, honestly reminds me of when I first finished Trails in the Sky FC, I was just in total awe there as well. I'm gonna miss Kattleox and I really hope to go back someday soon.
Why didn't they just roll with calling him Rock in the US release of this one! Mega Man doesn't make no damn sense as a name you'd call someone on the regular! I'm sorry is that Mega Man heresy? Oh no they're beating down my do-

The ambientation, the main cast, the plot and side quests, and the gameplay, among other things, make this game a pretty good reinvention of Mega Man.

Mega Man Legends is almost 30 years old and I have had dozens of gaming experiences, and I still do not know how to discuss what makes Mega Man Legends sticks out to me like no other game does. I’m not trying to put it on some pedestal or anything, It’s not among my favorite games, even with nostalgia bias, and I even like its sequel more than this game. But I don’t think there’s a game that invokes quite a blend of comfort, mystery, excitement, horror and whimsy in a way as effectively like Mega Man Legends did.
The controls haven’t aged in a way that might be for everyone™ or whatever, but I think Mega Man Legends is still a game worth trying out to anyone who is trying out games in the PSX library, or those who like that genre of third-person action rpg-ish? games that was prevalent in the era. Despite the jank you’ll have to get used to, the Story, World, Cast and Game play here will definitely leave most gamers who like action games satisfied.

This game is just wonderful. IMHO this and legends 2 are the best looking games on the ps1, and two of the best games on the console period. I just really like every single aspect of this game; visuals, gameplay, story, just pure vibes, it's all wonderful.

Peak. Fiction.
This game means the world to me and this tiny review won't do any of that justice but gosh this game is so good. It really feels like the type of game you can't just like. You either feel indifferent towards it or absolutely adore it, at least that's what I see alot.
This was one of the last Mega Man games I played. I went through all the platformers I absolutely adored and the RPGs only to come to this one niche sub series and have it absolutely blow everything else out of the water.
There isn't a single aspect about this game that isn't charming. The low poly playstation aesthetic is something I can't get enough, I seriously think it hasn't aged a day. Can we please get more retro throwbacks in this style?
Kattelox Island is an amazing game world, each corner of the small map feels alive and atmospheric despite the limitations, the above world just feels so peaceful (as long as you ignore those darn pirates).
There's a whole lot of memorable NPCs, weird optional scenarios and sometimes dumb yet endearing dialogue. Upgrading Rock Volnutt is really fun though I never really get much use out of the multiple sub-weapons.
The controls take some getting used to, they are outdated, I understand that... It takes like 5 minutes to get used to them, I don't think it is a big deal.
I love the contrast between the bright overworld and dark, repetitive depths. That's one of the reasons I actually prefer the samey ruins in this game compared to the themed ones of the sequel. I think the lack of variety helps contrast the regular world and gives a more dreary atmosphere to the place.
I love the Bonne family, I love the ridiculously loud bird chirping, I love running around, getting hit by cars in the city, I love the revearbots who manage to be both goofy and slightly unsettling, I love the missions (even if they almost made me give up multiple times on my first playthrough), I love the ending, I love collecting treasure in the ruins, I love beating up innocent cans, I love interacting with the people of Kattelox Island.
This game is everything. I absolutely adore it.