Mega Man Star Force DX


released on May 29, 2021
by Capcom

Mega Man Star Force DX is a mod for Mega Man Star Force 1 that completely modernizes the game. It includes many new features, changes and tweaks throughout the entire game that bring the game up to speed with MMSF2 and MMSF3. This mod aims to create more gameplay depth and replayability, unify all three versions of the game, reduce the reliance on multiplayer, and much more.

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Story wise SF1 is my favorite of the trilogy by far, but its original release is definitely held back by that "early DS jank" gameplay. Thankfully, this patch fixes basically all of the issues I had with it, as well as providing a number of additional much-welcome improvements. Legend mode is no joke either, it's a fun challenge for series veterans who might find the base game a little too trivial.

This is fantastic, literally the best way to play the first Star Force game, even just the sheer number of QoL improvements makes it worth playing even if you ignore all the reimplemented and newly added things.

The best and only version of SF1 you should be playing. It's gonna be hard going back to vanilla SF1 in a future collection with this being released

Like many others, this patch pushed me to try out this game for the first time.
Coming from Battle Network, this game feels unusual, but it has its own unique charms. It certainly retains the usual writing charms I love the EXE series for, and the battle system has its own interesting takes that keep battles interesting. The game adds plenty of QoL changes compared to EXE and I'm grateful for that.
Overall, I enjoyed my playthrough, and I do plan on playing the next two games at some point in the future.

an amazing hack that completely revamps star force 1 from a decent, but rough game into a fantastic experience that is almost as amazing as star force 3. cannot recommend this enough to any star force fan