Mega Man ZX

Mega Man ZX

released on Jul 06, 2006

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Mega Man ZX

released on Jul 06, 2006

This game contains elements from the Mega Man X series and the Mega Man Zero series. The players are on a 2-dimensional overlay map with sprites where they engage enemies to finish their mission. When a player receives a Biometal, he is able to change form, gaining various abilities, such as the charge moves, or charging the player's weapon with an element of that Biometal; for example, Biometal H will charge the weapon with electricity. While in a special form, using the form-specific abilities use up weapon energy. When the player receives the other half of the Biometal, he is able to perform a different special ability.

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sei la, não me prendeu nem um pouquinho, não curti a passagem pro metroidvania

Acho que o maior pecado do jogo é ser um Metroidvania porco, transitar entre as áreas é um caos completo, pedem pra ir até uma área nova e tu cai no alfabeto todo antes da que você quer. Por que tirando isso é um jogo super divertido, com mecânicas novas que funcionam muito bem, uma historia que continua os eventos da Serie Zero sem arruinar o desfecho da mesma e acaba sendo interessante, apesar de descompromissada e uma overdose de referencias e fanservice. Pra quem é fã da serie quase é muito legal ir pegando esses Easter Eggs.

I might just be burnt out on the megaman Z games but the unnecessary shift to metroid-style progression doesn't help. The music's cool and Aile is cute and I get my spinning jump slash back finally but all the downtime and running around between missions and complete lack of difficulty in the early part of the game is just too dull for me. I'm also not a big fan of megaman X so being restricted to basically playing X for the first hour or so was pretty annoying as well as having to change back and forth between robo and human form in the city.

Most underrated of the Mega Man games, multiple forms and screwing around with each one was fun and bosses were neat, adding some more challenge in trying to not hit their weakpoints for more gague. I found the open world aspect to be done well but I wish the sidequests could've been better and maybe even unlocked more areas. That Area N boss MMMMM boy, best side reward and boss for me period. Also PX underrated.

I really like this game but it has some big problems.

We all know how confusing the in-game map is so I won't really bother drilling that point, but what I don't see mentioned that often, and what I think is the biggest flaw of this game is how there's still a mission select screen. Since this is a game with a big open map, then naturally you'd want to just go to the right location and beat the boss or do the side-mission, but first you need to go to one of the save points and choose your mission. You can only choose one mission at the time, so forget about doing side-quests while you're on your way to the main objective. After completing the objective, you still need to go back to the save point to truly finish the mission. In the end, this feels like every other stage select screen from Mega Man games but with an extra step that can be really annoying when you don't even know how to get to the right location in the first place.

Despite that, I still enjoy this game a lot, especially on another playthroughs when I more or less know where to go. As usual with Inti, it has some really good artwork and music and great boss fights. The actual levels are longer compared to these from MMZ, and they're less about fast paced action but that's okay with me. After MMZ4 I enjoyed a more upbeat and relaxed atmosphere of this game. I loved playing with biometals, even when some of them are not always that useful. The post-game content was great, I loved the optional boss fights, and model OX makes me wish this game had proper New Game + mode like other MMZ games.