Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

released on Nov 13, 2001

This third-person stealth action game, sequel to Metal Gear Solid (1998), follows Solid Snake and Otacon through various incidents as they strive to destroy nuclear terror threats around the world. When the president of the United States is captured inside the oil cleanup facility Big Shell, a rookie agent infiltrates the facility while the player is forced to doubt their perception of trust, knowledge and reality.

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girl you’ve done it again constantly raising the bar and doing it flawlessly
like the first MGS this one rules and keyed in on the impact of the flow of information on society/democracy over a decade before “fake news” and twitter were consistent parts of modern politics
However the section where you can do naked flips as Raiden is much, much shorter than decades of cultural osmosis has lead me to believe, and thus I must subtract a star, rendering this only a 5 star game.

my partner fell in love with me when we played this in its entirety in one sitting

Possibly the best metal gear game.

You think I care about all of the deep and profound shit this game has? Of course not. I gave this game a perfect score because you can get pissed on.

bom jogo mas tem seus momentos meh....