Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

released on Nov 17, 2004

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is the prequel to the entire Metal Gear series. Most of the series' defining gameplay elements have been carried over and as before, Snake must use stealth and wits rather than brute force to infiltrate enemy zones and eliminate his major adversaries. Unlike the previous games, this installment takes place in a large outdoor jungle. Snake is able to use camouflage, climb trees, hide in tall grass or wear clothes that make him less noticeable.

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This game is....indescribable with the way it makes you feel at the end...and for a 2004 game, it is...just play it, please for the love of god play it and you will see what I mean. Its gold. There's a reason everyone loves this game.

Convoluted yet thought provoking story and some very innovative gameplay for 2005.

Every single character in this game except Sigint shows signs of autism.

Before starting I'll note I played this on the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS3, which has the improvements brought to the Subsistence version of the game. This version fixes the camera problems that plagued the original release and is the only good way to experience this marvelous title.
Snake Eater takes us back to the beginning of the timeline for a Cold War-set thriller that takes cues from classic James Bond flicks for inspiration. Perhaps realizing that the second chapter was a little too much for the audience, Kojima doubles down on the action-packed explosiveness this time out and spares us the metaphysical narrative. The surrealist subtext is still there and the game still weaves an anti-war sentiment, but it does so with more grace and panache as it embraces genre tropes to fantastic effect.
Snake Eater is a rollicking thrill ride with very fun gameplay, as you traverse the jungle, having control over your camoflouge and having to keep an eye on your injuries and hunger along the way. The systems aren't very complex, but they serve to simulate the wilder environment Snake faces this time out.
There's more freedom than before in how you approach each scenario, and levels play out like a little sandbox that you can tackle how you see fit. I loved having so many tools at my disposal and could try so many different things to sneak past my foes.
It's really how this one all comes together with the story which is why people remember it so fondly. This one of course is about Big Boss, our villain from Metal Gear 1 and 2 back on the MSX. Here we see him as an action hero just like Solid Snake, and start to learn the complexities of what was once a one-note villain.
There are many PS2 classics I have yet to check out, but right now Snake Eater is my favorite title from the console. It's also probably my favorite Metal Gear Solid game and the one where the series' best elements all converge into something quite excellent. Definitely don't miss it.

this game is too good for over half of the people who've played it to not know the themes of it in the slightest

Mr.Kojima never ceases to amaze me.