Metal Slug X

released on Jan 19, 1999

An upgraded version of Metal Slug 2 (Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001/I), titled Metal Slug X, was released in March 1999 for the Neo Geo MVS. It fixed slowdown problems from the original game, and increased the difficulty. Metal Slug X also introduced some new elements to the game system.

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Metal Slug Anthology review series entry #1:
You can't go wrong with a classic like Metal Slug X. This was my first introduction to the franchise when I was 12 and only had a PS1 with this, The Lion King Game, and Toy Story 2. I'd play it to the end in one sitting, because I couldn't save the game, and thanks to Metal Slug Anthology, now I can, which allowed me to save my progress midway through yesterday so i could finish it today.
I always loved this game, even if I I always end up with my fingers aching after the final boss. I can't think of a flaw, outside of maybe a nitpick with the regular enemies at the end taking too many shots to die.
Metal Slug X is the hard type of way that I like, one that challenges you to stand up again and keep on fighting, and I'd say the franchise as a whole is a staple of run 'n' gun games everywhere. It's fun, challenging, a total riot to play, and it's so satisfying to blow things up using the assorted arsenal the game has to offer.

Kids these days they don't know about how it was in the 'cade. I used to shove old Billy "Measles" Harwood around in the mall bathroom stalls until he'd fork up the money his mom gave him to buy insulin. Then I'd get a Surge down at the corner with Wick'd Johnny and exchange to quarters. I roughed up lil Billy every other Thursday for about 4 years until he ran in front of a Ford Contour. Poor old bastard. Anyway I still didn't make it past the third boss. I totally got roflcoptered by that Metal Slug. Lost my virginity on this very cabinet though. Awesome.

Basicamente o mesmo game, mas senti está mais longo e se estendendo mais em relação ao anterior, começando de maneira divertida , mas no final eu já estava bem saturado, mostrando o como essa franquia está saturada para min.