Microsoft Minesweeper

released on Oct 08, 1990

Microsoft Minesweeper (formerly just Minesweeper, and also known as Flower Field) is a minesweeper-type video game created by Curt Johnson, originally for IBM's OS/2, that was ported to Microsoft Windows by Robert Donner, both Microsoft employees at the time.

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Everyone's played this game when their boss wasn't looking.

Minesweeper is a classic case of the advantage of a monopoly since the only reason you know this game is because it was included with Windows and Windows is everywhere. Is the game really that great? I don't know... it's a puzzle game, so it is what it is, I suppose. It was unique at the time, was free and included with many computers, and it looks alright. So, that's a significant advantage over most games.

At any rate, I'm sure you all have your techniques for playing this time waster. The goal is to find the bombs without blowing up and the only clue you get is how many bombs are close to the tile you just clicked. You have to think a bit and I'm sure there are some fancy algorithms to solve various cases. My method: click randomly a few times trying to get a big open spot and hopefully avoiding bombs, then go to work.

So, for me, this is a game of hope and logic.

And a smiley face!

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Story is meh, gameplay is alright. Characters lack develpment. The first click is RNG.

This is legitimately one of the best and most fun puzzle games I've played despite its incredible simple premise. The fact that this came free with Windows is criminal.

i hate this shit so fucking much fuck you bill gates