released on May 20, 2021

An expanded game of Miitopia

Cast your friends, family or anyone you choose in a hilarious adventure to bring down the face-stealing Dark Lord. Create and customize Mii characters of anyone you like—from your favorite celebrities to your dreaded math teacher—and assign them roles or personality traits in the fantasy adventure of a lifetime. With expanded customization in Miitopia, you can even add wigs and makeup to give your characters more…character. Watch your characters come to life as your favorite actor and dear old grandma team up to topple the villainous Dark Lord that resembles your grumpy neighbor!

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Can't believe they really made a peak RPG.
The amount of creativity there is, with being able to use the existing mii system and the new makeup/wig system allows for endless creativity with the characters you create
the final boss was the impostor from among us
I love this game

I played the 3DS version first when it was released and I had a great time with it BUT when I finished the game I didnt feel like investing my time in the game anymore, because I could just play tomodachi life if I wanted my OC to do stuff together, but now with Miitopia switch (thanks god for the best mii maker ever) I can make my OTP do stuff together without looking like abomination with the OG mii maker.
So yeah, this is the superior version.

The game itself is pretty mid, but the character creator. MY GOD. The character creator is so good that it made me raise my rating.
If you're looking for a good, engaging game - it's not for you. But if you want to have fun with the creator, this game is the goat. THE GOAT.

A lot of the positives I had for this were from the original 3DS version, but this version is the best one by far.
The most obvious of reasons is the improved Mii creator, which allows way more customization and ability to create all kinds of characters, and make them more accurate to whatever type of media they came from. You can even share them with others with a special code. Without a doubt, the new Mii Maker is the selling point of this version.
As for the horse, it's kinda nice to have as an extra party member who can dish out heavier damage when it activates, with each class the hero has getting a cool move if combined with the horse. However, it's not as big of a sell as Nintendo wants you to believe.
Finally, there's generally more content than before, with some harder areas that are guaranteed to be a challenge, even those who are experts of the 3DS version.
Despite not being one of Nintendo's bigger and well known titles, it's one I still recommend a lot nonetheless.

putting silly miis into this game with the incredible makeup options will never not be fun but the actual rpg gameplay can get pretty boring, just makes me want a new tomodachi life