Mondays: A Sisyphean Typing Game

released on Jul 06, 2022

An absurdist typing game where you write out randomly generated emails in an effort to reach the peak.

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Cool concept for a game. It's infuriating in the best way possible, and makes great use of the Myth of Sisyphus to develop a clever and well measured typing game system, one that actually feels like a game and not some kind of useless homework.

One must imagine Sisyphus working a 9-5 job, jealous of Amber's nifty desk vacuum

an interesting concept, frustrating by design, but I'd get on with it more if the emails typed progressed in any way. Holds your attention for a minute or two but nothing more.

Aparentemente eu gosto muito de jogos de digitação mesmo. Mesmo quando eles são sobre digitar e-mails corporativos aleatórios para fazer a lenda grega Sísifo subir a sua pedra infinita para juntar dinheiro e comprar um olho de anime pra minha rocha. Como toda segunda-feira, sabe?