Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

released on Oct 11, 2014
by Capcom

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (called Monster Hunter 4G in Japan) is the newest installment in the popular Monster Hunter series, which has sold more than 28 million units worldwide to date. In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, players will take on the role of a hunter that joins up with a traveling caravan to explore new lands and towns along the way. This grand adventure will include hundreds of quests to take on a variety of extraordinary creatures that yield valuable resources used for weapons and equipment. Launching on Nintendo 3DS, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate represents the biggest leap forward ever for the series with more new content and exciting features than ever before. Also, for the first time ever for the Monster Hunter series on a handheld system, players will be able to join up with friends over the internet via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, as well as the previously available local wireless option.

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I believe this game to be one of the most core games of the series and it is fantastic but it is unfortunately trapped in horrid hardware.

this game has been a part of my daily life for a month now. incredibly high quality game that for some reason stayed on the 3ds and amongst the greatest in its genre. also charge blade and insect glaive are way too strong and using literally any other weapon kind of feels unfun due to the huge gap in the balance of this game.

I'm not sure anything will ever feel as freeing or unfair as playing this game and discovering just how much the Charge Blade's unbalanced damage stacked the deck in the player's favor. These games will never be that nice to us again.

uma masterpiece, por enquanto nao coloco nos meus favoritos por não ter completado o G-rank (nem comecei sendo sincero), mas é maravilhoso, provavelmente o melhor jogo oldgen ou o melhor jogo da franquia em si

Un des premier jeu multi que j'ai découvert sur 3DS (je n'ai pas pu le finir malheureusement).