Monster Hunter: World

released on Jan 26, 2018
by Capcom

Welcome to a new world! Take on the role of a hunter and slay ferocious monsters in a living, breathing ecosystem where you can use the landscape and its diverse inhabitants to get the upper hand. Hunt alone or in co-op with up to three other players, and use materials collected from fallen foes to craft new gear and take on even bigger, badder beasts!

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Monster Hunter is a lot of things to many people, but for those of us infected with Souls brain, it's a comfy social lounge to do Soulsy things with friends. It strings together the immensely deep and satisfying combat we've learned to love with just enough MMOish connective tissue to create something so deeply addicting it's difficult to believe.

World dropped enough of the weird QoL and tutorialization barriers for me to finally be able to actually dive into that, and for that I adore it. I'm looking forward to going backwards in the series after I'm done with this one, but I don't expect that to be very soon. I've got a ton of postgame stuff to do as well as the huge;ldkfja;lsdkghapsod I'm so excited I love this I love that I was finally able to get into this I love that the people I love are playing it with me aaaaaaaaaaaaa

Monster Hunter is a series I've always had something of a troubled history with, in that I've long been a fan of the series on a conceptual level, but find it lacking when it comes to executing on its plethora of interesting premises. Hunting down these larger-than-life monsters as a capable hunter of your own design sounds amazing on paper, but has always been hampered for me by the control scheme and monsters' tendency to run away mid battle, requiring an awkward pursuit mission that drags on due to every map being divided into zones/loading screens. Exploring these huge, fully-realized biomes and learning the lay of the land to use to your advantage is something that, again, sounds perfect on paper but is a strength of the series that has always felt hampered by the map's zone division and the amount of time it takes to load into new zones. I fully realize that, yes, these are a result of hardware restrictions and not necessarily the fault of the series (or individual game) itself, and therein lies what I believe to be the central issue - a divide between dev ambition and the capability to actually achieve said ambition with hardware restrictions. World is the first game in the series (that I've played, at least) where it feels like so many of its ideas have been given their long due justice.

Maps are still separated into zones but gone are the loading screens that push back on my enjoyment of exploring the map. Hunting monsters is made much more enjoyable for similar reasons. Quality of life improvements improve the overall experience as well (particularly, I'm a huge fan of the variety of options the player has at their disposal to stop monsters from running away). Most of the game feels like a super streamlined version of what the series has always been trying to convey, which is all this game needed to be in my opinion. The game isn't perfect though, of course, with my main annoyance stemming from how often the endgame devolves into tracking down monster tracks over the act of actually HUNTING the monsters themselves, but this was an impressive showing overall and I'm happy I gave it a shot.

Shoutout to how fun the multiplayer experience is in this game, playing with friends made the entire thing way more memorable.

It would be even better if the cutscenes werent so freaking annoying when playing with a friend.

When i originally tried playing MH4U when i was younger, i never really was capable of getting into the game due to me being young and dumb. However, i think many would agree that Monster Hunter World has made the franchise more approachable than ever, and made it an incredible experience. The game has a lot of creative aspects such as it’s weapon types, monsters, and other little systems such as the slinger, and all of these are incredibly fun to use in the game (well i guess you beat the monsters but you get my point). The games combat is ridiculously fun regardless of what weapon type you use, and every monster is unique in its own interesting and fun ways, leading you to take different approaches for each one. There are SOOOO many more aspects i could dive into about this game, such as the music, the seamless areas of the maps allowing for a more interesting hunting experience, the endemic life providing interesting ways of using the field to your advantage, and so many other aspects this wonderful game has, but i would be here for forever, so i really recommend trying it for yourself.

Was an interesting development forward and there's a lot I loved, but my good god that endgame was a big pile of garbage