Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition

Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition

released on Jul 12, 2022

Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition

released on Jul 12, 2022

An expanded game of Monument Valley

Discover Monument Valley - A quest for forgiveness in a strikingly beautiful and mysterious world.

Embark on a journey of forgiveness along with Ida, the silent princess, through impossible environments and illusionary puzzles. Experience this meditative and calming puzzle game by manipulating monuments and creating evolving paths to explore new, surreal, and mysterious worlds.

Step into the new expanded world of Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition - and experience more intriguing impossibilities than ever before.

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Panoramic Edition

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was one of my favorite games when i finished it on mobile. the visuals hold up years later, but the puzzles are pretty simple upon revisiting. still a very fun game :)

Simples, lindo e relaxante.
A gameplay é totalmente baseada em puzzles envolvendo perspectiva de cenários, mas é algo bem simples e poucas vezes você gasta tempo tentando resolver.
Fizeram um ótimo porte para os PC's, o que já era lindo ficou mais ainda, principalmente por estar combinada por uma trilha sonora incrível!

A beautiful little puzzler that fascinatingly bends itself more than it bends your brain.
Monument Valley isn't particularly difficult. Especially the main ten chapters. I'd call them flat out easy. But in the extra content they started to really make use of their universe and puzzle rules and things got a lot more satisfying. You still won't be getting stumped often, if at all. When you do there's only two or three options at any given step in a puzzle, so you're on your way again quickly. Despite this low difficulty, the level design is absolutely top notch. Combined with the art direction this makes for a very pleasant experience. And I very much look forward to seeing what they did in their second outing with the sequel.
I'm a huge fan of these short little minimalist puzzlers you can tackle in an afternoon. One of the biggest things that elevates one from another is a complete, coherent, and unique art direction. Take me away to your little land where your puzzles make sense in and I'm sold. Monument Valley achieves this part of the puzzle in spectacular fashion. The design is about as good as it gets in the category. While I wasn't pushed or challenged by the actual puzzling, I still think the puzzles are satisfying enough to make everything else very worthwhile.
Super approachable puzzles with top notch art and design. Easy recommendation to anybody looking to stretch the noodle for a few hours.
[copied from my Steam review]

Preciosura geométrica y arquitectónica ahora en PC. Jugadlo.

Beautiful game with really interesting level design. The puzzles are intuitive and easy to solve but what makes it special for me is how smoothly sound design and use of perspective are blended to create such a magical atmosphere and narrative.
The game is pretty short, can be finished in a couple of hours, but I'm completely fine with that.

This game is pretty short. I finished it roughly two hours, without needing to pause in-between, except for two times.
Yet I wouldn't have it any other way. It's the perfect amount of time for a game like Monument Valley.
Despite its simple graphics, it's such a beautiful game to look at. The puzzles are intuitive yet elaborate, and quite creative; I love impossible geometry, and this is something that highly tickles my fancy.
I've played this before on mobile, and buying it again for PC was worth it. I highly recommend this if you like puzzles