Mullet Madjack

Mullet Madjack

released on May 15, 2024

Mullet Madjack

released on May 15, 2024

Mullet Madjack is a single-player fast-paced FPS that brings you directly inside a classic anime. Power up your character and reach the last floor; Beat your best time or try again. Haste makes waste… of your enemies!

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Esse jogo é absurdamente bom, é como um doom clasico + cyberpunk + tik tok + critica social foda .

ps : O Dev do jogo respondeu minha análise na steam

Getting lost in its own themes, it is so substantial that it ends up drowning all the time in its own 90s meta-language. I don't even know if I'm capable of blaming them; walking the fine line of an aesthetic hijacked by fascists is cruel, and weaving a critique within it without just seeming like cheap satire is even more difficult.

So what? The game is cool. Killing billionaires is cool and stuff. The voice-acting and 3D rendered cutscenes are terribly good. The jokes about virgins? Gross... Post Void fans will probably have fun, i guess.

Retro anime hotline Hotline Miami and a straight up dopamine SIMULATOR!!!! With a story that pretty entertaining especially the last chapter where you get to drive around in Jack's car shooting damn ROBOTS with the princess that you saved handing you guns. The pacing is fast along with the dope as hell retro music!

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a game with solid gamefeel and a fast pace that almost always has you doing something, but unfortunately the way things like enemy reactions are and the same areas being reused over and over for the "level design" has it feeling very one note and stale within a couple levels. its incredibly short but it gets a little exhausting

additionally, things like boss fights and the dialogue across the board are more often than not a lame wash. this game is excessively irony-poisoned and surface level with its theming.

Uma vibe Hotline Miami, só que em um FPS. Bem frenético, responsivo e difícil (se você quiser). E ainda por cima é brasileiro(!).

This is a total kickass demo, you are in role of a guy called madjack and your mission is to rescue the princess. The combination of roguelike and hotline miami with the movies crank and the 80's anime is a formula that wasnt so seen in games, looking forward to play the full game in the future.