My Friend Pedro

released on Jun 20, 2019

My Friend Pedro is a violent ballet about friendship and imagination where players strategically bounce bullets off frying pans and jump through windows in slow motion.

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Extremamente divertido com história confusa mas comovente

Most of the time this is a very fun game where you dive through openings in the ceiling and shoot people with your dual pistols. When it's not that, you are subject to floaty platforming sections or gimmick levels. It's probably a skill issue on my end but with the time attack like score in the game I feel as if the parkour just puts a halt to that on your first playthrough. The story is a non factor in this game but the story I got was nothing to write about. Fun times but sometimes a slog is the best I can say about this game.

A 2D—and less nuanced—take on Max Payne and F.E.A.R.'s gun-fu, but with more acrobatics and stunts. Gets in, lets you do some really cool shit, gets out. If you can tolerate the hackneyed writing and have a mouse and keyboard at the ready, this makes for a pretty exciting afternoon (in addition to plenty of GIFs, which the game generates at the end of each level).

I played about 2h30.
The type of game My Friend Pedro tries to be is exactly what I usually enjoy but the controls are bad, nothing between game-feel, level design, visuals or soundtrack are individually good so it logically makes for a disappointing indie game that tried to appeal to Hotline Miami (or other) fans.

This has kind of a grating "teehee so randum" sensibility to it, with bad writing + a dumb story, and the platforming can feel frustratingly, I dunno, squishy? Spongey? It's not super satisfying in that department, but the shootan is solid enough to warrant the one-time playthrough of no more than four hours, even if you suck.

I remember playing the flash game back in the day before this came out, it's a competent experience though an anomaly in gaming.