My Friend Pedro

released on Jun 20, 2019

My Friend Pedro is a violent ballet about friendship and imagination where players strategically bounce bullets off frying pans and jump through windows in slow motion.

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This game has some cool ideas, and the gameplay is pretty fun for the most part, but after the first few tricks it kinda falls short. It is great when you can pull something cool off, but it doesn't happen enough.

I really wish this game was more satisfying to play. All of the build up made it look like this really fun smorgosboard of trickshots and bullet-time action. But it just ended up being too samey.

My Friend Pedro hooked me with it's trailer, and hooked me again with it's gameplay, but I don't' remember a lot of the defining moments other than using the skateboard and the dual wield pistols. That made me feel really cool, and I believe that if you watch the trailer and it excites you, play this game. The ending didn't have as much of a slam dunk as I would have wanted, but overall I enjoyed it from what I can remember.

My Friend Pedro es tan incómodo como espectacular. Los movimientos son buenas animaciones que, en el juego, se tratan de simplificar y hacer que te sientas John Wick. El problema es que, si no eres bueno, te das rabia --> lo que da para perfeccionar tu juego. Yo no me aguanté.

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System: Xbox Series X
Version: Xbox One

game played using Xbox Game Pass
I'm not going to lie, I was slightly let down by this game. Don't get me wrong, My Friend Pedro is still a fun, short experience that I enjoyed my time with, but I think my biggest issue boils down to its repetitiveness. It was super satisfying to gun down dudes left and right but around halfway through the game it started to feel a bit more tedious and boring. The levels are pretty different from each other, but they start to blend together to a point where it feels like your the doing the same couple of things over and over again. You can definitely get a lot of playing time out of this game if you're trying to get the best score possible on every level. Usually, I don't try and 100% games because I simply don't have the time to, but with this one, I just don't really care enough to go and get S rank on every single level, especially because it's extremely difficult to get S rank on just one level. But even then I still enjoyed this game and I think a sequel that furthers its already polished mechanics and makes the game less repetitive could be amazing. Let's hope that happens one day.
7.5 / 10.