released on Jan 01, 2001

Fans of stock car racing, get ready to take on the challenges of NASCAR HEAT for the Game Boy Color. Play as or against 10 stock car racing legends like Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon, Bobby Labonte, and Dale Jarrett. After you pick a driver, you can learn the twists and turns of each track with the Beat the Heat mode, where each of the 10 professional drivers give the player challenges to complete. When you are ready for some competition, get after the other drivers in a Quick Race, or try to become NASCAR champion in the Championship mode. No matter which mode you choose, you will have to make strategic decisions to conquer each race. Most notably, determining when to make a pit stop can win or lose a race. Get all of the racing action you want with NASCAR HEAT.

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I would spend hours driving the wrong direction and crashing in head-on collisions with the other cars; it would send my sides into orbit every time.