NBA Hangtime

released on Apr 16, 1996

Hangtime was the third basketball game by the original development team behind the NBA Jam series. The title was changed due to the NBA Jam name being acquired by Acclaim Entertainment, the publisher of the games for the home market. Acclaim's NBA Jam Extreme was released the same year as Hangtime. Features introduced in Hangtime included character creation, alley oops and double dunks. A software update known as NBA Maximum Hangtime was released for the arcades later in the life cycle.

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Fine. I'll say it. I'll commit treason according to many people, but I'll say it.
NBA Hang Time is better than NBA Jam. They're both ridiculous arcade-y Basketball games but Hang Time did it better. Just an overall improvement.

Proof the N64 could pull off a basically arcade perfect port, including sound. This game had MUCH better sound than MK Trilogy, which just proves that the developers of MKT were rushed/lazy, and THAT'S why it practically sounds like MK3 on SNES/Genesis.
As for Hangtime itself, it's a great game, looks great, sounds great, controls well. The only real knock I'd give it, which is a knock against the arcade NBA Jam/Hangtime/Showtime as well, is that the AI, especially late in the game, is a MASSIVE dick. Midway had a real issue with that. BUT, as a multiplayer game, it's pretty fantastic.
The N64 certainly was lacking in certain genres, but one major edge it had, was built-in 4 player readiness. And being able to play a game like Hangtime, 4 player with your friends, is invaluable.

Jogando até atualmente é um game extremamente divertido, e mesmo sendo bem arcade, não enjoa rápido; Gostaria que as características individuais dos jogadores fossem mais importantes, pois teria uma gameplay mais diferente emais realista