Need for Speed: Underground 2

released on Nov 09, 2004

Need For Speed Underground 2 takes place in Bayview after the events of Need for Speed: Underground. The prologue begins with the player driving in a Nissan Skyline R34 in Olympic City (though the racing scenes are actually in Bayview), the setting of NFS:UG. He then receives a race challenge from a rather ominous personality who offers him a spot on his crew, but "won't take 'no' for an answer." The player races off — despite Samantha's warnings — only to be ambushed by a mysterious driver in a rage that totals his Skyline. The driver, who has a unique scythe tattoo, makes a call confirming the accident, and the flashback fades out.

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Addictive, fun an challenging. Even in 2023 it remains as a peak racing game. Maybe a little long, but is ok.
Using the first person view (from inside the car) is recommended; the speed illusion is incredible.

Over the years I replayed Undeground 2 from the beginning a dozen of times but only once did I actually finish it. The career's length could've been cut in half and the game would only benefit from it. Underground 2 is definitely worth playing but I wouldn't say it's worth finishing.

idk it just wasn't my kind of game. I got it at random on Christmas as a kid and played it for a few minutes but I just couldn't get into it.

Os controles são incríveis, a customização é muito aberta e deixa você ser criativo com seus carros, porem tem muitos defeitos que poderiam ser corrigidos.

i had a neon underlit escalade with nos boosters out the ass