Nekopara: Catboys Paradise

released on Jul 15, 2021

When your grandfather passes away and you inherit his café, it's a tall task for anyone. But with the help of 4 talented catboys, Cafe Kin'uan is ready for business in NEKOPARA - Catboys Paradise!

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i give this game one point for existing.
okay but seriously here is every negative aspect of this game:
- Each "route" is only 30 minutes long with no particular conclusion, development, or writing.
- The protagonist doesn't speak for herself and has people speak AT her which gets annoying really fast. When every other sentence someone speaking for her like it's Dora the Explorer, saying saying something like "What? You want to go shopping?", it can get extremely frustrating and I believe 15% of the script is just these lines. They happen frequently and in one scene they can occur almost back to back. There are no choices to be made in this game either, again because each route has no real conclusion or development.
- The game tends to zoom in on character sprites a lot which looks very, very ugly. When they're at their proper size, the art looks alright and very well done! But as they get closer to the camera, it becomes a pixelated blurry mess, and the game is very insistent on zooming in on sprites often.
- For some reason, you're able to select between windowed and fullscreen mode, but windowed mode is just windowed fullscreen. You're not able to move the window/resize it to your liking. So what on Earth is the purpose of giving me a choice when they're the same thing.
- The music is extremely repetitive. The SFX are far too loud and a click sound plays every single time you hover over the menu button, or almost any button for that matter, so I disabled SFX very fast.
- Why can't I peg the catboys
- Somehow, for some ungodly reason, THERE IS NO SKIP BUTTON IN THIS GAME, and I don't know how or why you would remove this feature from a text based game, regardless of length. You choose a route to play about 30 minutes in. This means if you didn't save before the choice (No, you can't save DURING the choice), you now have to replay those first 30 minutes over again. And if you play it again, you might not remember exactly where the choice of route pops up, so you might miss the chance to save, meaning you'll have to play the first 30 minutes AGAIN. No this didn't happen to me and I'm not mad.

They really baited us with this one. Give us the NSFW like you did for the Catgirls. Please and thanks. 🙏

I've never felt a man's touch in my entire life

you can't fuck any of them, not even the femboy this is trash