Nekopara: Catboys Paradise

Nekopara: Catboys Paradise

released on Jul 15, 2021

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Nekopara: Catboys Paradise

released on Jul 15, 2021

When your grandfather passes away and you inherit his café, it's a tall task for anyone. But with the help of 4 talented catboys, Cafe Kin'uan is ready for business in NEKOPARA - Catboys Paradise!

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Just gotta start off by saying that the voice cast for Catboys Paradise pretty strong:

+ Laurier (MY LOVE 🤍) is voiced by Kaito Ishikawa (Tsumugi Aoba in Enstars)
+ Fennel is voiced by Wataru Komada (Iruma Jyuto in Hypmic, Akiomi Kunugi in Enstars)
+ Sage is voiced by Yuichiro Umehara (Keito Hasumi in Enstars)
+ Dill is voiced by Junya Enoki (Pannacotta Fugo in JJBA, Rui Maita in SideM)

I will note that this (expectantly) lacks the full Nekopara experience; there's no Live2D, no H-scenes, and the UI makes it quite obvious that it was also developed as a mobile game. It's only about an hour or so long with only 2 CGs per boy, but considering this is a free otome VN based off an April fool's joke, I can't fault it for that.

However, the characters are still quite cute and charming, and the writing is quite sweet and feel-good with relaxing music. It's not much, but overall it's a good way to pass an hour.

made me question my gender might be a girl now

I was in a vc when playing this game and less than five minutes in, I got really bored, changed the language to Russian, and just started mindlessly clicking.

Rating: D/C
Genre: Visual Novel, Ecchi

PLEASE laurier is adorable :( i was dared to install this

this is the best game ive ever played.