Neopets Browser

Neopets Browser

released on Nov 15, 1999

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Neopets Browser

released on Nov 15, 1999

Neopets (originally stylized NeoPets, and currently neopets) is a virtual pet website. Users can own virtual pets ("Neopets"), and buy virtual items for them using one of two virtual currencies. One currency, called Neopoints, can be earned within the site, and the other, Neocash, can either be purchased with real-world money, or won by chance in-game.

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world record for hasee bounce so pog

Played a lot as a kid. Funny to remember that the first time that my e-mail and password were pwned was because of a Neopets data breach xD

If I was reviewing this a few years back, I would be a lot kinder. I felt nostalgic though recently and went back to it. I should not have bothered. With the death of flash and company more interested in hawking NFTs than actually fixing things, you've got a site that's barely held together with broken pages, dead games and barely functioning basic features.

The total lack of games hurts. Sure they've tried to bring some over to the new system outside of flash but the amount of actual games can now be counted on a hand. Dont worry though! They remembered to port all the gambling stuff like the shitty wheels and slot machines, because when I think 'Kids Games', I think 'Gambling'.

Just let the site die. It had a good run and like the Simpsons, it should just have a last hurrah celebration and then end.

i was not big on club pengun at all or webkinz, neopets was my SHIT

can you even rate a formative experience

okay actually yeah

hard to say whether it holds up well to this day especially since a lot of the flash-based content is now bust, but neo's still super interesting as far as "virtual worlds" go and there's a lot of content to explore.

neoquest was and still is my jam

also wow kid me really underestimated the stock market back then

I still have my neopets account and honestly they've been doing p well with the switching to mobile friendly stuff