NES Remix

released on Dec 17, 2013

Take on lightning-fast challenges based on some of the most popular games of all time in the new NES™ Remix game.

Whether you grew up with games like The Legend of Zelda™ and Super Mario Bros.™, or you're playing them for the first time, this is your chance to see what made them legends.

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A fun compilation of retro Nintendo mini games with excellent presentation.

Multiple early NES titles with missions to complete within each one. A good idea and good execution. While not every game is a banger, the challenges are addicting and getting 3 stars will have you playing for hours, the variety is what keeps it fresh. They should port this to the switch.

NES Remix was a very fun twist on the classic NES games, turning them into short bursts of rounds like the WarioWare games. However, some of the game lineup for this was a little lacklustre, such as Pinball and Urban Champion.

NES Remix is a strange example of the Nintendo EAD Division combining their strength and weaknesses into a small eShop title. While it's as charming as it could possibly be, the selection of games and challenges hold it back from being entertaining.
I'm quite familiar with most of the NES games remixed in this pack, some of which are pretty bad choices for the objectives at hand. I do appreciate how each game's early objectives somewhat teach you the rules and tricks of them, but later challenges (especially in the Remix and Bonus stages) can be proven to be quite...luck-based? One of the main victims of this flaw is the Pinball challenges, which almost all involve scoring high points and hitting specific targets. A game of pinball is never built to be specific, only based on skill and luck. There are some other glaring design choices, such as giving the player a certain number of lives when they could simply restart the challenge in a few button presses.
This game is just an early prototype of Nintendo modding and playing around with their classic library, such as the later Super Mario Maker. And while some challenges can be obscure or repetitive, the game lineup included is a passable one.