New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

released on Dec 11, 2008

The highly rated Nintendo GameCube game, created by the same team that developed Super Mario Galaxy, returns with enhanced motion controls and new surprises.

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i want to play the donkey kong kongo barrels

i fought other kongs and that was cool

Hot take this is my favorite DK game. The arcade-style gameplay is just so fast and fun and I want to play the GameCube Bongo version so bad

Based game, the arcadey gameplay loop and most of the boss fights are really fun. I'd love to play with the bongos someday.
A couple bosses and stages are particularly rough and unfun though, especially the final fight with the hog and that one haunted stage with the flying birds.

jungle beat is an amazing unique experience but i've only ever played the new play control version. i would love to play with the actual bongos someday