NieR: Automata

released on Feb 23, 2017

NieR: Automata tells the story of androids 2B, 9S and A2 and their battle to reclaim the machine-driven dystopia overrun by powerful machines.

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no me llamaba la atención y lo compré por el precio y un cacho de curiosidad... me volvió totalmente loco todo, la historia, el arte, el mundo y la BANDA SONORA SEXO

NieR: Automata is an unforgettable game. Androids vs. Machines, all while trying to save humanity, and uncover the cold truth of this post-apocalyptic world. 2B and 9S share a common goal, but have differing views through the story. The combat is more fleshed out than its predecessor due to chips and pod mechanics. Characters change and face reality after meeting characters and concepts never seen before.
The game takes the multiple endings route to another level, and I'm sorry for anyone who stopped at the first credit roll! Play the game as 2B, then as 9S to see his perspective, until route C becomes an in-game sequel, all culminating in a perfect conclusion in Ending E.
Environments in this game are exceptional, not limited to places such as the Amusement Park, which entrances you with harmonic music and welcoming guests. The design and symbolism in this game is great, too, with boss designs and character designs depicting their personalities and needs.
With events connecting to the first game, NieR: Automata is a must-play for all.

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This is my favorite game ever and the only game I cared enough about to get the platinum trophy in. I might be biased here but the game has a lot of things I loved going in like the post apocalyptic setting. The game isn’t perfect and while things like the 9s hacking and route b pushed a lot of people away I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Getting ending s and the final shut em up section in the credits ending with me giving up my save file to protect a fellow player is one of the most beautiful moments I’ve seen in fiction as a whole

I liked how it was like Space Invaders but then it became some mid hack and slash really randomly and fell off tbh. The Space Invaders part was great though. 9/10

Amazing game, the story and writing were great, the emotional moments (choices sometimes) hit hard especially the one considering pascal on route c. The characters were extraordinary I loved them all from 2b to eve. The soundtrack was perfect I've loved it so much it gave every specific location feeling of "life". Gameplay was really fun I loved the chips system and the hacking mini game was fun at first but felt kinda repetitive while playing on route b, Which brings us to the routes system. Compelling you to play the game more than once to get the "real" ending was quite creative, having to see the story in 2b's and 9s' perspective was really good and well done. Definitely in my top 3 (j)rpgs. KINO YOKO TARO MY GOATTTTT