Night Call

released on Jul 17, 2019

"Night Call is a new kind of non linear narrative and noire game taking place in Paris, France.

Using the real city map (~105 km² or ~40.5 mi²) and the intimacy a taxi can offer, players will meet numerous and unique passengers to talk with. Some of them know things about the killer, others pretend to know things, and some just need to talk to someone.

More than just telling a story, Night Call also aims to show the city of Paris like it is in reality. A bit far from the usual cliché of the city of love. A gigantic city, always in movement, and full of very different people. Every one of them has a story to share. Put together, all these bits of stories will create a unique experience on the way to find the killer's identity."

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Atmospheric, a strong lead character and a compelling non-linear narrative make Night Call a success in anything writing-related.
Unfortunately its repetition and faults make it feel incomplete and therefore overpriced.

The dialogues are really good. But the investigations are not that interesting and are redundant.

Another game with a neat aesthetic and concept that just didn't really do it for me. The investigations are unsatisfying -- you don't even look at the clues yourself, you just hold down a mouse button and then you've "looked" at them and have the information on your corkboard. A lot of the stories seem random and unrelated to the "main" plot of solving the mystery, which is fine -- can't expect every passenger to be relevant -- but I'd go multiple nights where I'd have one relevant thing happen, and the rest was just riding around. Combined with some frankly absurd characters (driving around a bunch of people cosplaying as Power Rangers was funny and arguably could happen, but picking up a cat and taking it to a train station because it's owner cuddled it too much was too much), and it just didn't really gel with me. Neat concept, but I just didn't dig the execution.

me and transport based narratives mix very well. my dreams eat this shit up as fuel
wish the mystery was harder to solve, however

The first case is fine. Although the story is a very lame noir mystery, dialogues with the passengers are still enjoyable. But it becomes repetitive in the second case, boring in the third. Because puzzles in the game are stupidly simple and the killer is always obvious from the very beginning due to bad writing. Still, at the end of the game I made a 1.89 cook French girlfriend so I'm not complaining.

Un thriller de misterio en el que nos metemos en la mente de Houssine, un taxista parisino que debe ayudar a atrapar un asesino en serie.
Una entrega simple, pero me parece que lo hace bastante bien y su ambientación me encanta.