Night in the Woods

released on Feb 21, 2017

Night In The Woods is an adventure game heavily focused on story, characters and exploration, with some platforming to get around town. Mae's a cat so the roofs and ledges and powerlines are all her playground, and she's not the only one up there by a long shot. You'll also be doing various activities and interacting with the world in different ways, getting to know the townspeople, hanging out with friends, exploring Possum Springs inside and out, and venturing into the surrounding areas.

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Im looking at all the other reviews now and it's so clear you guys don't understand this game at all. Anyway 9/10 screw you

Charming town and characters, but it felt way too long and then the ending didn't help either.

i related to this way too much

Amazing game!

Great story. Great artwork!

All I can think about is when am I going to play this one again after years have passed so I forgot how great it was.

Nice dialogues, really good cozy town atmosphere. But all that cult stuff was probably unnecessary

NITW struggles to find out what it wants to do with its narrative throughout the course of the game and its incredibly noticeable. you will either love all of the characters or hate them. the small-town atmosphere/aesthetic is executed well