Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition

released on Aug 15, 2017

An expanded game of Night Trap

You'll get caught in the night - NIGHT TRAP!

Originally developed by Digital Pictures in 1987 and released in 1992, Night Trap has been completely rebuilt, bringing it to a level of video quality never before seen.

Night Trap tells the story of five teenage girls spending the weekend at the Martin home. As a member of the Special Control Attack Team, your job is to monitor the home and protect the girls using an intricate system of cameras and traps as it is being invaded by vampires.

Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition also includes new features such as deleted scenes, two documentaries, the all-new Theater that allows you to watch all story-related videos uninterrupted, a new mode called Survivor that will test your skills at trapping intruders and behind the scenes production images. For the first time ever, the unreleased prototype Scene Of The Crime will be fully playable and included with Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition.

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*Technically played the PS5 LRG release but I cannot find a specific release date for the port so I cannot add the data to Backloggd
I wanted to play this with a friend who helped me secure a hard copy when I was running a little low on dough, and I was finally able to. The both of us had a mostly good time besides my frustration getting the hang of how the game works. Though there is an included manual, both that and the initial menus do a poor job of onboarding the player, making the initial experience a frustrating trial-and-error effort until you understand the three or so functions you need to repeat to see the ending.
Onboarding issues aside, Night Trap serves its purpose of being a glorified party gag best suited for groups of intoxicated friends (or at least ones that appreciate silly games). Without multiple eyes watching the cameras (if you're using the modern convenience mode) or a friend scanning a walkthrough next to you, the repetitious gameplay and cruel tricks the game tries to pull would sour fast. I'm glad I had my first experience with a "backseat gamer" in the share play chat.
The game, itself is whatever 25 years later, but the packaging of said product is arguably more important when "preserving and enhancing" the experience. Night Trap's 25th Anniversary release has enough goodies to suffice, with several interviews, behind-the-scenes photos/promos, and a 45-minute "movie" version of the game you can watch; it's not a lot, but it's enough to justify buying a modern port of a SEGA CD game.
Lastly: no, the 4K transfer for the PS5 version is not worth it. I don't know much about the equipment used to shoot/preserve the master used for the updated edition, but most of the scenes aren't clean and upscale enough to make any reasonable difference if I were to buy the PS4, Switch, or PC versions of Night Trap.

Some of the most fun you can have is getting drunk with your bros and playing Night Trap for hours.

Night Trap é um jogo bem interessante na verdade... Principalmente se você levar em conta o lançamento e o console do jogo original (Lançado em 92 para o Sega CD)
O jogo é um FMV, ou Full Motion Video, um estilo de jogos que se utilizam de videos pré-gravados que são iniciados em determinadas ordens de acordo com os comandos do jogador, dando a ilusão de controlar um filme.
Pensando como um jogo de mais de 30 anos atrás, ele é bem divertido, interessante e bastante funcional. Seu objetivo é utilizar as cameras de segurança de uma casa para ativar armadilhas e proteger as protagonistas dos invasores.
A gameplay é simples, você troca as cameras e utiliza de um botão para ativar as armadilhas. As atuações são bem cara de um Filme B dos anos 80, porém não são ruins a ponto de estragar a experiência do jogador como normalmente eram as atuações de jogos dos anos 80/90.
É um jogo divertido de se jogar e uma ótima pedida para quem curte jogos retro.

the villains of this game are just people with green eyes

this is so campy and dumb the idea that American politicians threw a hissy fit over it is so funny

i mean its kinda hard to give this game a proper review since its kinda ingrained in gaming history but its an OK movie and a difficult game. my only real complaint is if you make one small mistake you could potentially lose a lot of time that you have to spend just doing it all over again which is always frustrating. other than that the acting is cheesy so if you like funny B-movies then you will be entertained. Deffo don't think its any sort of violent enough to warrant making the ESRB, but i guess people were just afraid of a new media form back then. Definitely funny to look back on and it's good that this is on modern platforms with the original film for preservationists sake but there's really only a certain group of people that would be into this kinda thing.