No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

released on Apr 15, 2010

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise is an enhanced port of No More Heroes, originally developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and directed by Goichi Suda.

In Japan, the port does not include PlayStation Move support or the additional Desperate Struggle bosses, among other things implemented for the overseas version.

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hmmm, this port ain't so ba-

I feel like this port gets more flac than it needs, but it's alright. It's FUCKED to play on PS3, you deal with frame drops that make it near impossible to play, but like NMH1, I enjoyed traveling the open world- that's cut down but makes it much easier to openly explore, it's a change I welcome. I like the graphics and I know the new shaders on the characters aren't for everyone, but I personally enjoyed them a lot, makes me nostalgic for this era of games. It might not be the intended way to play NMH anymore, and never was- but it holds a soft spot in my heart.

What 51 less Sudas does to a port. A few small QOL features and some barely noteworthy extras, like a few new mini games and bosses from NMH2, aren't worth a godawful framerate, hideous new graphic style, a chunk of the hub worl being outright removed, and glitches galore. A garbage port that Suda disavowed when porting the original, vastly superior Wii version to the Switch. If you played this, you didn't play No More Heroes as our lord and saviours, Suda and Grasshopper, intended.

HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE. Terrible remake thanks god the original got ported to pc.

it has nice touches like extra content and holding dark side power ups but removes heavenly star