No More Heroes III

released on Aug 27, 2021

The latest numbered entry in the No More Heroes series.

Fight your way to the top of the Galactic Superhero Rankings!
The legendary assassin Travis Touchdown makes his glorious return to the Madness in the No More Heroes 3 game, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch system!

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no as good as the last 2 imo just it doesn't have that same special sauce

the end of my kill the past journey (hopefully for now), thank you grasshopper for this insane experience.
had alot of fun with this game. wish it was more polished but it was a great time and fu is a great villain. travis is travis as always and after tsa i think im more emotionally invested in him.played on bitter and it felt like a reasonable challenge. open world could be alot better, everything other than santa destroy and perfect world sucks and the invisible walls everywhere are horrible lol.
like tsa this game has alot of really cute stylistic choices. the travis/bishop podcast thing and the chibi characters (post credits cutscene) are soo cute. grasshopper did a good job with this one, i just hope that they take their time with their next game because the past 2 no more heroes games have felt a little rushed.

So rushed... Could have been so much more with more time and a budget... It's no more heroes though... I guess

Fuck this game, it sucks. The first trailer was a lie, the game looks like garbage and the pop in is disgusting, it was optimised like crap. The gameplay is deeper but it still feels less impactful than the first game. The entry fees are back, the story sucks and its filled with bugs. I despise no more heroes 3, it is one of the worst open world games I've ever played. I don't care about the people that say that it's made with Suda51's style, mediocrity is not a style, laziness is not a style, this game is below what's acceptable and I hate it... i like the talking cat tho.

great game but i do kinda wish they added more bosses not just got back to nmh1 10 bosses intend of nmh2 15 bosses but still its a great game

first time i've been hyped for chores