Noblesse Oblige

released on Aug 25, 2022

Spark romance amid secrets in a crumbling mansion! What will you sacrifice for love? Can you trust your own heart?

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A decent enough story, fairly entertaining in the way it evokes a supernatural horror vibe even as everything turned out to be fairly mundane.
The multiple romance options were accommodating to a fault, as I found myself in a polyamorous relationship pretty much without trying. This was a bit jarring as I felt the initial monogamous romance grew up rather organically and required some effort, whereas adding a third person was done after two scenes.

One of the free games written in the Choice of Games devlopment pipeline. Written and set in the same universe as Creme de la Creme you venture to a cozy setting with a bit of a mysterous vibe that you can't put your hand on. Setting is great and several characters are interesting and the game turns out darker than I would have otherwise expected. Was able to get through in about 2 hours of playtime for one playthrough, I don't see much in the way of replayability if you go down one of the paths(that I happened to choose). Nice game to play while laying next to a fireplace during a blizzard.

This is another Choice of Games text based adventure, and it's set in the same universe as Creme de la Creme by the same author. The option of picking your character's gender and relationship preferences, as well as the genders of the the three love interests, returns in this pseudo-sequel. You play as a governess/tutor who comes to a distant, snow-covered estate to teach the weird dude there your language. During the stay, you also meet the haughty countess, the underpaid servant, and a glib new hire who won't shut the hell up. It has some intrigue, some mystery, but ultimately it isn't too deep. Not a bad game, but I think the previous entry was more interesting.