released on Jun 05, 2008

The player is tasked with controlling the Batter and guiding him on his quest to "purify" the world of spirits. The player must take the Batter through the various Zones, collect battle partners, solve puzzles and partake in turn-based Active Time Battles in order to get to the source of the impurity.

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Undertale for hipsters, but also the Ur-Undertale. Phenomenal artstyle with a convoluted but interesting narrative and a soundtrack that is probably the one time Electro Swing has ever been able to be called cool. Also once you play it you can say you "Beat Off".

Wake up from your coma because you need to play this game

Man, what the hell. I'm gonna need to watch a lore video or something to figure out what I even just played. The game was like if undertale only had the genocide route and it was more cryptic and confusing.

i find off most interesting in its role as part genesis to its offspring dubbed “quirky indie rpgs about depression,” which is not to discredit the game at all. i vibe with thinking about off, but i don’t vibe with off. somethings off. but maybe that’s good? i can’t tell. miaow

Really fucking excellent story with mid as hell gameplay. So to start off, Off is an excellent commentary on player choice, chosen one archetypes, NPCs in video games, as well as just what it means to beat a game. Though on the same time the game itself is... iffey with how it's designed. Like, the combat is kinda sluggish, the puzzles can be a bit of a chore, but despite all that though i can't reccommend the game enough because of just how amazing it's story is. It even influenced Undertale if that helps you consider your decision.

Uma narrativa íntima que questiona a moralidade do próprio jogador num mundo industrial bem niilista, OFF é uma experiência tão única quanto entendiante.
Muito raro eu comentar sobre mecânicas em meus comentários, mas o combate de OFF é simplesmente péssimo. Pode se fazer o argumento que se o combate fosse interressante iria gerar dissonância ludonarrativa, mas mesmo assim não deixa de ser um ponto baixo num jogo em que muito do que tu faz é combate.
OFF é como espiar brevemente um mundo alien, mas estranhamente familiar com a realidade em que vivemos, de certa forma nós também nadamos em oceanos de plástico e respiramos fumaça, cabe a nós não nos rendermos ao niilismo de uma vida cinza.