released on Jun 05, 2008

The player is tasked with controlling the Batter and guiding him on his quest to "purify" the world of spirits. The player must take the Batter through the various Zones, collect battle partners, solve puzzles and partake in turn-based Active Time Battles in order to get to the source of the impurity.

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fuck ok so why is this game so good tho
i still dont have solid ideas as to what this game is and means to me on this day and age
i dont even know its trying to do on its own but its absolutely magical
for an rpgmaker the depth and weight of the story and art direction and all that stuff is unmatched and I cant recommend this enough to anyone who either enjoys or despises rpgs
off shows how the rpgmaker "genre" can be pushed to its boundaries with an inventive and groundbreaking view on the entire videogame landscape and this happened in fucking 2008 I could Not believe this was made in 2008 at first and for anyone wondering it was made by TWO PEOPLE and I can tell you with seriousness that they poured to the last ounce of love into this project and its apparent and very clear
on a technical side this is an rpgmaker game like you've seen everywhere around top down perspective simple mechanics puzzles everywhere an atb battle system some stock elements here and there but with so much charm that I think is still unmatched in the rpg department
you fight some bad guys you level up acquire party members upgrade stuff and learn special abilities and now we can get into off weak point
the battle system isn't the best around here since you can basically auto pilot every single fight even the boss fight and most of the time you won't know what the fuck you or the enemy are doing because the abilities have some super random ass names like color of god (invented) so you're like ok well that had a cool animation and thats fucking it plus it all happens so fast and so soon you won't even have the time to learn all these abilities and battle aspects and realistically you don't have to
also abilities have some elements but again they have no real purpose apart from being a callback to the elements in the world of off
world that is dystopia falling apart absolutely hyper capitalistic and dreadful to a notch and can still be charming in some cursed ways
you play as the batter no name no nothing he's just here all of the sudden and his mission and kind of a holy vow is to purify the entirety of this wicked world
you get guided by mister big words cat aka the judge who acts as a walking tutorial for the first part of the game and then for far off guidance throughout your annihilation quest
what happens is you begin to battle against specters who all of the sudden are infesting the place here and there and in order to purify each zone you'll have to kill the guardian of each land
during all this you also meet my sunshine zechariah who is first and foremost the merchant of this game (useless because you won't be using any item whatsoever in this game and you can just buy some equipment from time to time) and also a guy who sees through the game and makes some forth wall remarks addressing YOU as the player mainly because they let you choose the name at the beginning of the game so he's like hey stinkypoopoo I know you're there
storywise it all gets kinda linear there's people around overworked overfatigued and also scared by the ghosts so you gotta help them unless they turn crazy and start attacking you while their head explodes into a mush of blackness then you just traverse this lands around and around for useless loots and advance doing some bat shit puzzles that I honestly advice you to look l up sometimes on the Internet because theyre not for stupid people like me apparently
characters tho are a whole new story you don't get that much of an insight for most of them but it's just great how with so little they can give them distinct and precise personalities
apart from the batter who actually is the most (rightfully) cold blooded apathetic and all in all a man of few words with clean as sky delivering and honestly for a man who is swayed by a holy mission an unwavering will is required plus he's basically killing anything he finds suspicious or tainted so like
the judge is enigmatic and firstly authoritarian because he uses big words so he must be clever and tyrannical but as you progress you see more sides of him being an empathetic rightful and all in all good guy
the guardians all have distinct personalities and the only worthy thing to be said about the inhabitants of this hell of a world is that they have some funny sfx when they speak still a change in their attitude always shows signs of deterioration keep that in mind
and that leaves zacharie now he's a cool guy kind of a comic relief and kind of a dork but we only get so much as a glimpse of his personality and yet he's probably been the most liked character in the community (rightfully so)
you purify the zones and everything slowly dies but thay us your duty
when you get to the room which is a place that details some insightful flashbacks about the guardians and the nature of this place but it remains kind of vague and unfulfilling so you're face to face with the queen and after some enigmatic dialogues you also end up killing a kid named hugo and possibly the last and the rooms guardian
you come across a switch and the judge comes back to tell you how fucking angry he is that you were supposed to just purify the lands but just ended up pushing evert corner of the world into nothingness
you then get to choose which side take and if you just side with the batter you kill the judge and end the game with a message saying
the switch was turned OFF
plunging the entire univers into the void
if you decide to side with the judge tho you will get a new perspective on the batter who is not the holy messiah you thought he was from the beginning of the game but a murderous and animalistic being whose only real intent was that to slaughter anyone and anything in his path
killing him is easy task and the judge just looters around the now white and silent lands forever
as you may know this is not a story with a clear direction you don't get decisive proofs to what's happening or what the backstory even mean and that's fine like most of this obscure indie whatever games you don't get a full conclusion to the events and thats perfectly fine for me
what really is a game winner for me tho is a the majestic and ominous atmosphere that accompanies you from the very first moments of the game till the grand finale
art wise this game is odd as shit
in the overwolrd every single character sprite and building and world around it is monochromatic detailed by thick lines and huge color contrasts to a point that the characters stick out as ultra white on these saturated colored backgrounds but where this actually gets real good is in mortis ghosts style that shines through during through battles and in the little character portraits when they talk
honestly I was not expecting this level of wonky (in a good way) artistry but for the most part the art is delightful every monster design is great to look at and super varied and the imaginative creativity of mortis ghost really is the winning point in these design just look at the bosses or any battle screen really absolutely phenomenal
the other aspect that really heightens the entire atmosphere is the sound design and ost department who is entirely curated by alias conrad coldwood (co creator of this game) and his talent is incredible his electronic and industrial flavored dark ambient sells the game for me it has a lot of range and immortalised every single scene efficiently and he can make some bopping battle themes if you ask me and its no surprise to me that silent hill was some of the main influence for this game since the whole trip hop feeling is here and thriving just listen to the main battle theme or MY favorite boss theme this theme is absolutely fucking phenomenal people I cant believe this is even real like goated videogame BGM all times masterpiece
anyhow this game is great I advice anyone who's reading this to play it it has some weird stuff and even some frustrating progression but surely it's worth it
I so need a remake god shit fuck

Has a lot of things you could complain about but worth it for the unique experience alone.

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os perigos de se ter pai

a good game but I wish it punished you somehow for using auto mode, the fights were insanely easy (I used auto on all boss fights, without even grinding)
the lore behind it is good tho, designs are fire

I had the privilege of re-encountering this game when my level of French was good enough to reflect with it, to get involved with it. It's games like OFF that keep me enjoying video games so much. Its creativity and flaws delight me, as does its portrayal of working-class alienation and suffering

Is OFF good? I legitimately cannot remember.