OlliOlli World

released on Feb 08, 2022

OlliOlli World is a bold new skateboarding action-platformed that’s bursting with personality. Flip and flow through the vivid and vibrant world of Radlandia, meeting colorful characters as you grind, trick, and air your way to discover the mystical skate gods on your quest for Gnarvana.

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I don't like playing this game because I am bad at it. Something about it's up-front complexity and the default control scheme rubs me the wrong way, but I want to come back to it because it's got great color usage, music and it's overall presentation fucking bangs.

I never would have given this game a chance if it weren't for Humble Choice. Is it worth the $120 yearly subscription? Tbh not really but games like this come along and give me the feelies so I keep purchasing it lol.
A very satisfying skateboarding point/challenge game. Vibes are on POINT and the customization is great :)

Satisfying, stylish, and fun. I was a fan of previous OlliOlli games just for the arcade-y skateboarding gameplay, but this one kicks everything up a notch. Character customization is addicting and there are tons of levels to play through with many interesting routes and awesome setpieces.
There's plenty of returning mechanics as well as some new ones making for a pretty complex gameplay experience by the end (if you want it to be). A couple things are awkward, but for the most part the controls work very well. Level challenges also exist to encourage you to play the level in interesting ways or discover parts of it you might otherwise not, each time rewarding you with some new cosmetics.

Such a big improvement over the first two games. Really fun arcade score attack skating game with lots of content and an overall great vibe.

Fun! One of those titles that's sneakily difficult. This studio seems to like making games that are relatively simple to learn but hard to master. Who knew that one of the hardest games to master in 2022 would be this cute little arcadey thing? Malenia or trying to score a flawless million point combo, not sure which is more hair-pulling.
Art style is on point and nice to look at, though I would suggest creating a character that sticks out among the environment otherwise it may get hard to keep track of your sk8er. Music is good, pleasant to listen to, and more chill and laid back than you'd expect from a sk8 game.
But is it really a skateboarding game or more of a hardcore platformer with a point system? This can get challenging on the later levels if you're looking to set high scores and defeat the local "skate heroes" or whatever they're called. For me it was like, cool I'm breezing through this and racking up points, then suddenly I'm like "how the FUCK am I supposed to score a bazillion points on this run?" Which is odd because by then the game is still giving you tutorials on how to do manuals and grab tricks, and it's like hey yo, I've been doing that.
Alas, a fun time to be had here. As someone who grew up on Tony Hawk games and had those controls ingrained in my muscle memory for the past 20 years, it was hard to let go of the cross button at first. It's something I had to un-learn, but once I got the swing of things I began to really have fun with chaining together long lines of sick tricks, manuals, wall rides, and all that good stuff. They even throw some added difficulty later on with obstacles that you need to hold grab tricks to break through, or landing on stairs that you have to remember how to deal with. It all happens at a break neck pace so the controls demand you make them second nature. It's very satisfying to achieve a sick, flawless run without using checkpoints. It can get frustrating when you just miss a landing due to not having enough momentum, but as the kids say, git gud.
They even allow for some randomly generated levels for you to have fun with when you want more courses to sk8 thru.
There's a story here too, and some colorful characters and whatnot, but I can't say a single thing about them because thankfully the game allows you to easily skip all of it. But good on them for writing a cute little story for those that appreciate it.
Rad game.

I bought this game on a sale and now realized it will probably hit PS+ this year. Oh well. It was a fun arcade skate game and I had never played any in the series. According to review, this is the best one.
I enjoyed the challenges but felt that mid World 4 (out of 5) the difficulty in completing all challenges just ramped up way too fast. Levels also got increasingly more complex.
There's plenty to do for those that like some challenges and want some trophies in their account. If you're not into these kind of games, maybe wait for a Sale/PS+/Game Pass.