released on Dec 25, 2020

A turn-based surreal horror RPG in which a child traverses various mundane, quirky, humourous, mysterious and horrific lands with his friends in search of a missing person while confronting his past and his fears. Explore a strange world full of colorful friends and foes. When the time comes, the path you’ve chosen will determine your fate... and perhaps the fate of others as well.

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Still not finished but loving the game

One of my favorite games of all time, it definitely has flaws with it's pacing (god I fucking hate sweetheart's castle section) but the twist and just overall the characters are so likeable and well written like Aubrey, Kel and Hero...I don't really care too much about Sunny but he's alright I guess, gets the job done. I feel basil could definitely use some more screentime, the guy rarely gets any in the real world section of the game. The writing is pretty good too though I'm not a fan of the "le quirky random indie game writing xdddd" like this game has but there were times where it did make me chuckle.
The gameplay, I feel like the game is a bit too easy but I haven't done the hikikomori route so my opinions could definitely change but for now, the good ending route's battles just felt so easy, I feel like the gameplay would definitely shine more if the battles were harder. the emotion system is genuinely really clever and when it's used at it's full potential in boss fights it feels rewarding seeing your characters do big numbers (Aubrey is the most fun party member in my opinion to use) but the normal enemy battles are just normal attack spam. if you aren't a fan of turn based combat I don't think this game will change your mind about it. But I think the fact that I'm actually genuinely excited to do the boss rush and the hardest fights in the hikikomori routes just show how fun the combat can be when provided with actually challenging fights.
I mentioned some flaws with this game but it's highs are genuinely so high to the point where it's definitely one of my favorites for sure, can't wait to do the hikikomori route!

I love Omori. While it's not a perfect game, it's perfect in my heart. The way it portrays grief, friends moving away, and isolation is so good. Escaping into another world just to be rewarded with nothing but emptiness, and the need to face your past memories is done so well here.
Omori will leave you with a bittersweet sorrow, and it's surreal psychological horror moments clash with it's upbeat, dreamlike sequences. It's a beautifully represented game, and one I'll be sure to remember.

listen.. .this game sucks.. depression isnt real. Its a mindset. you think the thoughts so if you think happy thoughts you wont be depressed... So this game is a lie, this kid is a loser, and if you play this game you're a nerd

Loved everything about this game, it was just amazing, especially the endgame portion of Omori. I loved the whole gang and loved how they all got back together after being apart for a few years. I love Mari so much.

I have 15 hours i just got really bored with it. Really monotonous can't be bothered to care anymore.