Otogi: Myth of Demons

Otogi: Myth of Demons

released on Dec 12, 2002

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Otogi: Myth of Demons

released on Dec 12, 2002

On a dark and gloomy bridge, suspended between the world of the living and the dead, lurks Raikoh, a skilled warrior from a cursed clan. Once tasked with ending the lives of others, Raikoh himself sits between life and death after the Great Seal was broken, spreading destruction and darkness across the land. A mysterious princess spares Raikoh's life so that he may rid the world of the grotesque demons and cleanse his soul of his past misdeeds. Raikoh must travel through desolate lands to fight hordes of fearsome, immortal creatures with 12 varieties of magic, more than 30 brutal weapons, and over 10 special demon-slaying items. Trees, walls, and even entire buildings are destroyed as Raikoh unleashes his skillful fury in order to purge both the world's demons and his own.

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This is the most floaty combat I've ever had to deal with and not in a fun way. The sound design is all over the place but the music is alright at the very least. I don't think I can play more empty ass levels with enemies placed here and there while flying towards the objective for more than an hour. Honestly they got this stage-shop-stage formula much better in Metal Wolf Chaos two years later after this so if you want a real action game play that one instead of this thing

Otogi had a special deal with Britney Spears in Japan, therefore it deserves this rating.
The gameplay is quite different, difficult to figure out what to do.

Had a demo disc with this game included. Would constantly replay it over and over, can't believe this was made by FromSoft

A pretty solid action game with the gimmick of having extremely destructible enviorements. The atmosphere is absolutely fantastic thanks to the weird music and the enviorements. It has a very dreamlike feel to it, not unlike Demon's Souls. However, the combat is nothing too amazing and it can also get frustration at times. 100%ing the game is also a pain, as you have to get all spirits which are hidden in some of the hundreds of breakable objects in each level, though getting the Sword of Moonlight from King's Field and wrecking the game in the harder NG+ was worth it.

The style is amazing but the levels can be kinda short and/or frustrating, especially with how the health system is designed. Also locking the camera to inverted in every direction is annoying. Other than that it's still really dope. Fighting enemies and destroying the levels is like smashing an old Japanese painting - really satisfying. I'd also say play through this so you can really appreciate the amazing sequel.

That shop music is cursed btw...

pretty cool semi-character action title by FROM Soft. music is unsettling at best, terrifying at worst; and the action goes hard