A compilation of 14 Pac-Man titles. Players can earn coins by playing the games to purchase items to decorate an in-game arcade.

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A nice way to play many Pac Man games in one package legally, but admittedly is a bit of wasted potential to what could've been.
As always, I don't mean to put legal options of playing old games down, but when you consider what emulation has done for old games....it certainly makes the official/legal ways look lackluster in comparison.

Pretty good Pac-Man collection if you ask me, and the selection of games isn't bad either. There are many bangers one can really get a fun time out of, like Pac-Mania, Arrangement and my guilty pleasure, Pac-Man 256.
There are some other games to which this collection also helps to come out of obscurity a little bit such as Pac-Land or Pac & Pal, both very interesting takes on the original formula IMO, and Pac-Land, which I love for its uniqueness compared to the rest of games in the collection.
Oh and yeah, Pac In Time can suck it LOL
In technical terms of the games themselves, it's really lackluster overall. No video modes (beyond a CRT filter), DIP switches, button mapping or even save states for games that really need them (i.e OG Pac-Man). Most of the achievements are pretty fine too, although there are some instances which are either too challenging or require a lot of grinding, making it annoying at times. Also, the emulation sometimes can take a dive in FPS, so it's not too good either.
Now, I quite liked the game's presentation. I love the concept of the game giving you the chance to customize your own arcade with guest characters appearing over time, that's a nice detail.
I'm not getting everything for the moment because normally I play Pac-Man for the nobility's sake. I recommend it still, but it could have been so much better...

disappointing collection. how can you even this decorative arcade feature, but not even have accurate sound emulation for your 40 year old games. why are there no display settings? also some of the challenges are just impossible. i dare any person on the dev team to get to level 15 on pac & pal. anyways for 20 bucks i suppose its not the worst for what you get, but i'm shocked at the mistakes that were made here. or maybe i'm not considering its a namco collection.

A decent collection of 14 titles from Pac-Man's history, both with their good sides (Pac-Mania, Pac-Man Arrangement Arcade) and bad sides (Pac-Motos, Pac-in-Time). It lets you create your own arcade as well and (so far) it hasn't added any microtransactions. Be aware that some of the achievements can be quite tough (Pac-Man) or require a lot of grinding (Pac-Man 256).

So cool to have such a nice celebration of Pac-Man with such a great list of wonderful Pac-Man games...and Pac-in-Time.