Paper Mario: Sticker Star

released on Nov 10, 2012

A sticky situation has never been so fun! There's trouble afoot in the town of Decalburg, where the devious Bowser has disrupted the beloved Sticker Fest by causing the Sticker Comet to explode. Now Royal Stickers and pieces of the comet have been flung far and wide, and it's up to Mario and his ally Kersti to set things right by recovering them. This captivating hand-held adventure will have new and experienced fans of the Paper Mario series captivated as they navigate colorful 3D environments, defeat enemies, collect oodles of stickers and items and use them in a variety of fun ways.

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I mean obviously it's the worst Paper Mario game, but it's polished enough to have a decent time on the first playthrough. I got this game on Christmas in 2012, and remember being so pumped. It was pretty fun to young me, even if it was so barebones and nothing like the first three games. The music is really good too, which helps this game a bit. It's a bad paper mario game, but it's still an alright game in general. Even Nintendo's worst games are still polished and have something to them.

Unbelievably disappointing. This game represents everything wrong with Nintendo's occasional game philosophy. It spits in the face of the previous games and RPGs as a genre.

Absolutely boring.
A mark that this was not the same Paper Mario that garnered a small fanbase for it, nope.
Where do I begin?
- The music is absolutely bland with only one or two good pieces of music (Can't belive there are people who claim this has the best PM soundtrack)
- The art direction is absolutely bland with it mostly being boring bright colors and card board all over the place.
- No XP for fights, so there is no motive for grinding.
- And the fighting system requiring stickers to perform actions.
Absolute drivel all around, and I say that as a non-TTYD simp.
Tldr; Play Mario and Luigi Dream Team instead

this game scared me so bad i still haven't touched thousand year door

Definitely not as bad as people make it out to be, but overall it feels kind of lacking in comparison to the earlier games in the series and a bit generic. I definitely get why people reacted the way they did, but on its own it's like, fine, but nothing more than that.