Peeb Adventures

released on Mar 24, 2021

Peeb goes on a comedic adventure to escape the back-code of his game after being banished by a mysterious entity... Will he succeed?

Swing around in this retro-styled third-person platformer as the titular Peeb, solving puzzles and navigating obstacles with your trusty grappling hook...

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finished the demo and i want more, hopefully theyll go back and finish more of this and release it on steam if orbo's odyssey does well

Would unironically buy this on a mainstream console. It's has great potential and I look forward to the day it finishes.

This game shows so much promise. It harkens back to N64 platformers while still having its own originality to it. Peeb is a delightfully cute but still disturbingly strange character to play as and his (gross) string grapple mechanic is fun to use. I will definitely be on the lookout for more of this game in the future, and I recommend everyone who loves Banjo Kazooie, DK64, and other 3D platformers to give it a try. Also, the game gets an extra point for having a button that does something funny.