Perfect Heist 2

released on Dec 10, 2021

Perfect Heist 2 is a round-based online game, where robbers try to hide in plain sight while robbing a bank without being noticed by the cop team!

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Your game experience depends SOLELY on who you play it with. You can be having the time of your life with it oooooor get frustrated relatively easily. Get together a nice little group of friends and give it a shot!

Surprisingly this is one of the best multiplayer stealth games I've played in a minute, in a genre that's got more than a few flops in it. Nothing quite like playing this with 2-6 friends in a continually evolving test to determine who is most inventive with the limited tools given to each of the forty classes in this game.
I can't help but feel like there's a delicate balance that's been struck here that could be destroyed in its entirety if characters continue to be added at this breakneck pace, but as things stand there's a cohesive set of mechanics where the team you're on always feels like it's stretched slightly too thin for a plan to go off perfectly. Put that way, it sounds miserable, but it's hard to capture (in text) the thrill of having it come down to a 1v1 in which a thief has trapped himself in a locked-room murder mystery, the entire round determined by the disguised thief's ability to impersonate an AI convincingly enough that the cop attacks the wrong person.
It's made all the more enjoyable if both teams are in the same Discord call, forced to type if they want to team chat. Determining which knowledge should be shared aloud and revealing your hand at the end of the round definitely adds an element to this game that enhances the whole experience, another layer of tension and an opportunity to brag about your master plan so everyone's techniques can evolve further.

From frantic action to intricate stealth, every round is different and an absolute blast with friends. There are so many different classes, and many opportunities for unique strategies and counterplay. Sadly, there's quite a few classes whose skills seem utterly useless - heat vision, looking at you. Still, there's a tremendous amount of interesting classes, and it's a miracle the game still feels pretty well balanced in most rounds.
The game is in very active development. For example, since my first game just a few weeks ago, AI has imrpoved it's movement drastically, making players much harder to spot.