Persona 5

released on Sep 15, 2016

Persona 5, a turn-based JRPG with visual novel elements, follows a high school student with a criminal record for a crime he didn't commit. Soon he meets several characters who share similar fates to him, and discovers a metaphysical realm which allows him and his friends to channel their pent-up frustrations into becoming a group of vigilantes reveling in aesthetics and rebellion while fighting corruption.

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Persona 5 changed me. I didn't play JRPG's, or games too often until I played this one. Everything about P5 oozes with flair. I looked at the flashy UI design and was shocked, as I've never seen something so creative before.
The game starts you off in an action-packed heist, learning the mechanics while being introduced to the upcoming characters. The end of the sequence hooks you with one line. "You've been sold out" (time to play 60 hours before you find out how!)
The art design and the music is unmatched. Acid-jazz beats and smooth tunes help balance your everyday life with the action in the metaverse. Taking down those who fill the world with abuse and pain, and bringing justice to them, while maintaining social links with your friends, and a normal highschool life is such an endearing concept.
Each character in this game has a role to play, and while they each have their own arcs, they're all ultimately unique and important.
RPG combat in this game is far from grindy or tedious, as using multiple personas, baton pass, and elemental weaknesses allow for differences in each battle.
I love Persona 5, I always will. It got me into so many other games, and I will never forget this experience.

A lot of talking, not a lot of showing, and yet, I can't stop playing.

Baby’s first jrpg headass

одна из лучших игр за все времена ИМХО. Невероятно круто прописаные персонажи, интересная история, глубокая философия, гениальный саундтрек и визуал. Всем обязательно надо в нее поиграть. Навсегда в моём сердечке.

la mejor consola para jugarlo es youtube