Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

released on Apr 17, 2014
by Capcom

Defend the innocent and save the day! Courtroom hero Phoenix Wright lays down the law this Winter in the digital release of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. Experience the original trilogy like never before in clear, high-resolution re-drawn graphics and immersive 3D visuals optimized for the Nintendo 3DS system. Join rookie lawyer Phoenix Wright through the early years of his career in his quest to find the truth behind all of the classic cases! Prepare for intense courtroom showdowns by investigating crime scenes, collecting evidence, and questioning witnesses. Use evidence and the testimonies of witnesses to your advantage as you battle for the innocence of your client. Nothing less of a full acquittal will do in this court of law. Find the contradictions in witnesses' testimonies to expose the truth!

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Even though it is fairly silly it's still lots of fun to go through. I only played the first one. Would absolutely recommend.

Delightful storytelling and quirky characters. The relationships between characters really count and are much more than plot devices. It's really fun to wrap your brain around some of the puzzles and challenges and sleuthing this game offers, although I will say sometimes it's a bit difficult to think in the way they want you to in order to progress.

Awesome awesome trilogy. I am madly in love with this series already. I can't wait to see what else it brings.

godot and mia ruined my tastes in characters from then on

If you think about it this is basically legally blonde but if Elle actually succeeded in chasing after the dude.

Honestly one of the more ideal way to play these games