released on Aug 04, 2022

Hectic single-player and co-op restaurant management: cook and serve your dishes, upgrade and customise your restaurants, and expand your culinary kingdom with each procedurally-generated location. Work together to cook food, deal with customers, and serve drinks - or do it all yourself!

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extremely fun game to play with friends. a bit glitchy and has some weird default controls, though. for example, my friend and i couldn't franchise our restaurant when we played together, but she was able to on another multiplayer save. has a lot of cool mods on steam workshop too :)

Great game to play with friends, prefer this to overcooked

A fun "roguelike" kitchen management game where you run around, cook, serve miserable customers their food, and find more efficient ways to do it. Absolute blast with friends, but just as fun alone if you're like me and like cooking gay little meals.
Since it has to do with optimizing a process, it tickles all the funny parts in my brain and makes me feel super involved. Even better in coop where you have more than one person saying "no, I think we should do the kitchen like this.
It's got a fine progression system that keeps you hooked for the first few hours, with unlocking new foods to cook and new items to use on future playthroughs, but honestly the gameplay loop has me hooked like a bird on nectar. Check it out, it's got the hottest dish this summer.

Overcooked + roguelite. Interesting concept but not as fun as overcooked

Super fun Overcooked spin off. The ability to customize your restaurant to make sure it satisfies the most IMPATIENT clientele ever is a blast. Most of the time its your fault when your restaurant fails.