Pocky & Rocky

released on Dec 22, 1992

Pocky was enjoying a quiet cup of tea in her shrine, when Rocky the Raccoon, a Nopino goblin came running to Pocky.

"Something terrible has happened. My fellow Nopino goblins have lost their minds. When I woke up, they were very agitated. When I tried to calm them, they came after me."


"I don't know, but I believe that they are under the spell of another force.... In any case, I can not handle this by myself. I need your help."

Who on earth has cast the spell and are controlling the Nopino goblins? And what for? Find out as Pocky and Rocky battle the Goblins in this epic adventure from Natsume.

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super cute, co-op was really fun even though we had to put it on easy so we could have more lives to beat it. but it's a game that's not hard to learn its quirks when you use everything you have available to you
also I'll die if I see "yokai" translated as goblin one more time

Não lembro tão bem desse jogo, mas era bonitinho e meio difícil sem ser absurdo, legalzinho de jogar com 2 jogadores, mas não se destaca muito.

Fun, HARD top down shooter. Coop made this very enjoyable though.

i'm sure the co-op must be better but playing this in single player was pure hell. being the only target makes you too damn vulnerable and the enemies have too much hp to be a fair fight. it is a really pretty game, though.

Outstanding run'and gun 2P action game that only improved on the original! Smooth animation, detailed sprites, graphical effects, and above all challenging difficulty. This time around you do have a life meter.