Pokémon Battle Revolution

released on Dec 14, 2006

Pokémon Battle Revolution features three main modes of play: Colosseum Battle Mode, DS Battle Mode, and Wi-Fi Battle Mode. In Colosseum Battle Mode, your goal is to battle your way through a series of Colosseums, each with its own set of rules and challenges.

In DS Battle Mode, two to four players can get together to watch their Pokémon battle on the big screen while using their Nintendo DS systems as controllers. To participate in this mode, each player will need his or her own Nintendo DS and copy of Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Pearl.

Things get really interesting in Wi-Fi Battle Mode, which allows you to battle your friends over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection using Friend Codes. You can also square off against Trainers from around the world using Pokémon Battle Revolution's Wi-Fi Rank system, which pits you against Trainers that have skill levels similar to your own.

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I spent so many days over at a friend's house going online with this game and having a blast!

i was bitter when it released because it was NOT a sequel to Pokemon XD. However, in hindsight, I think this was the best 3D pokemon game to come out for sometime. the visuals and animations were stunning and still hold up today, despite it being a wii game. I wish I could go back and play multiplayer with my DS pokemon teams

I had this game for like 2 years before I got a DS and struggled that long without decent Pokemon. Now that there's proper console Pokemon games there's not a super high need to check out a battles only game, but I think the aesthetics of this are nice. Poketopia's a neat place, the music's pretty good

I remember very little about this game but the soundtrack slapped and the announcer was having a blast saying his lines.

Gameplay: Simple
Replayable? Nah
Streamed? No
Extra Notes? It a very nice game, similar to Stadium games but not quite. Still, a nice game to play and own.