Pokémon Platinum

released on Sep 13, 2008

An expanded game of Pokémon Diamond

In Pokémon Platinum another world has emerged in the Sinnoh Region, a world where space and time are altered! Catch, train, and battle your favorite Pokémon, and discover ancient, mythical Pokémon in this exciting adventure! The platinum version also has expanded online options with new experiences in the Wi-Fi Plaza and Battle Frontier!

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My all-time favourite game, yes my review relies heavily on nostalgia but personally I can go back and play this game anytime. I love the beautiful region of Sinnoh and all of the characters, the music goes crazy and it gave me a bit of a challenge as a wee boy. ^^

great music great game its not hgss and its so slow but smack it with drayano patch and 😎

even with the qol changes the game is too sluggish for me to bother going back to over something like bw2 and the well-acclaimed battle frontier is a pain in the ass to grind for. still enjoyed it when i played and it's definitely on the better end of pokemon games, but eh

The second game is always better, but this has so many quality of life changes it’s amazing

Very fun Pokemon game with a great plot for the a pokemon game, a very fun post game and great Pokemon to chose from

I prefer diamond/pearl, wasn't really feeling distortion world.