Pokémon Ruby

released on Nov 21, 2002

Sequel to Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions (1999), Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions offer 135 new Pokémon, more complex battling and training systems, new crime organizations, a longer and more story-focused campaign and upgraded graphics to create a new and technically improved Pokémon experience.

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Groudon is cool but I like kyorge better xD

Excellent game all the way through, and very much still worth playing even in a post-Emerald world due to a handful of version-exclusive Pokemon and a much more satisfying finale

Content wise Gen 3 is a small step back from Gen 2, but what it loses in scope it gains in aesthetics. It's hardly a surprise that the first GBA Pokemon entry was also the best looking Pokemon game to date, but it's still worth noting how much of a generational leap this game felt at the time.

When you see Castform's lower protrusion, do you see balls, breasts or a butt?? Friends are going nuts over this