Pokémon Snap

released on Mar 21, 1999

Traverse various areas and take photographs of different types of Pokémon by discovering their secrets. Capture the perfect frame to gain bonus points from Professor Oak in order to unlock helpful items and locate and photograph the elusive Mew, a legendary Pokémon whose existence has never been recorded.

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This was just a charming and enjoyable game all around. There’s just something so inherently cozy about taking funny photos of Pokémon it’s great.

Professor Oak why do you hate me

No pude hacer la foto...
La de mis cojones en moto...

Pokemon as a franchise is at its best when you just get to interact with the Pokemon and enjoy them for the cute fun and wacky monsters they are. And this is game has it in spades, full of personality, this game still holds itself strong 20+ years on. It is shocking it took 20+ years for a sequel

I have so much fun with this game. It’s dated but I enjoy it. At the time seeing Pokémon in their own environment was amazing and in 3d. Today it’s still charming. I love pestering them with pester balls, playing the poke flute and seeing new Pokémon appear. I love the levels and the music is very atmospheric. Taking pictures is always fun and getting that perfect shot feels so good. I enjoy this game and go back to it often for some quick rounds. I enjoy this game and it’s a refreshing break from everything else.

Man New Snap had the potential to be so much better than it was if they properly built off of some of the stuff they had going on in this game instead of going and making things even more obtuse for some reason

Listen I didn't grow up with a N64 but the three hours I spent with this was cute and a vibe. Not groundbreaking but it doesn't have to be. (Played on Switch Online)