Pokémon Sword

released on Nov 15, 2019

Unsheathe your sword and take up your shield!

The world of Pokémon expands to include the Galar region in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield!

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I cannot stand this game. I have tried time and time again to make it work but I just cant. The starters look so silly, the legendaries look silly, the story is silly and not pulling to me in the slightest. Pokémon from anything but a top down view feels VERY jarring to me, but thats a personal gripe. I get lost every single time I try to play again, and there's just this massive demon castle in the middle of scotland??? What??? I can't help but notice that thing and its annoying to look at. I tried playing with a friend and it took 20 minutes just to get things working because all the menus are needlessly complicated for beginners. I hate the gigantamaxxing feature beyond any reasonable measure AND those weird purple mounds look bad. The only plus for me here is seeing the pokemon walk around and that hot professor. I cannot forsee myself ever trying this game again. Maybe its just because the old pokémon games set such a high standard but I can't get with this at all. I can't even get my $60 back.

Im giving this a low rating because I know that im going to enjoy the other Pokemon games way more, as this one was just incredibly average. Also I filled the dex twiceer

This game is my biggest guilty pleasure. I know it’s just the same formula from every other Pokémon game, but I just love how refined and clean this feels. There’s absolutely no challenge either, but that’s not why I play these games, I play it to collect the Pokémon, evolve them and feel like I’m progressing, and all those things are super fun in this. It doesn’t feel like a chore to play. This remains the only Pokémon game where I’ve actually went through the effort of completing the Pokédex because I really wanted to shiny hunt, something that they made even more accessible in this, which I also love.

Sordward and Shielbert would have given this game a one star review on the internet for being blatant legend doggo propaganda. That's why people were so mad about this one right?