Pokémon Uranium

Pokémon Uranium

released on Aug 06, 2016

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Pokémon Uranium

released on Aug 06, 2016

Pokemon Uranium takes place in the tropical Tandor region, home to over a hundred new and unique species of Pokemon. The Tandor region is known for its gym challenge: to qualify, trainers must collect 8 gym badges from around the region in order to compete in the prestigous Tandor Regional Tournament. Trainers that win the Tournament get a huge prize as well as world wide renown.

You, a 13-year-old kid from Moki Town, did not set out to become a Pokemon Master. After your mother Lucille died ten years ago in an accident at a nuclear power plant, your father Kellyn, the top Pokemon Ranger in the Tandor Ranger Union, left you with your elderly aunt and departed to travel the region. But now that you are grown up, your aunt can no longer support you. Out of a home, you did what most kids your age do and took up Pokémon training as a means to make a living.

Professor Bamb'o, regional expert on Pokémon elements, has been looking for a trainer assistant to travel the region and gather specimens of the varied wildlife. You step up to the challenge, along with your rival, a younger boy named Theo. After taking a test and receiving your starter Pokémon, you head towards your first gym challenge in Nowtoch city, and take your first steps exploring the Tandor region.

Things aren't as sunny as they first seem, though. Just when the accident ten years ago had been all but forgotten, new mysteries emerge. A new power plant is built over the site of the old one. Your father begins acting strangely, journeying to the far reaches of the region and questioning whether your mother is really deceased. Sinister Pokemon, corrupted by nuclear radiation, threaten innocent people. In the midst ofthe turmoil, it seems that an impending disaster is looming over Tandor... You may be in for more than you expected.

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mega archilles is ridiculously broken

there's a LOT of extremes on the sentiments of this fangame, so I guess I'm gonna be the weirdo with a more neutral opinion

it's probably the best Pokemon fangame I can think of but it's still fairly okay and the lack of optimization hurts it quite a bit. there's a lot of neat concepts, interesting Pokemon, and nice characters that accompany some really good fanmade music, but I just don't think it gels well enough to be anything other than a game that's ultimately kind of stuck in Pokemon's past. call me evil or a youngster or whatever but I'd still recommend any post-Gen 5 official Pokemon game before Uranium

All press is good press as they say, right?

I think the most entertainment you can get out of this one is the lparchive that keeps devolving into a more tired mentality, slowly losing sanity to the game's discombobulate mess that grasps at nostalgic straws. The game released in a very hacked together way, but the changes and patches didn't really reveal a charming core, instead something that feels almost insecure. It's dark in a 00s fanfiction edgy way, but not quite carrying that energy into some real heart or message. It's genuinely hollow, and even the worst pokemon game has a more earnest understanding of life, people, and childhood sentiments than this shit. Radioactive my ass this isotope is as inert as they come.

The 2 things holding this game back from a 5 star rating are the lack of a real evil team, and the currently nonexistent postgame

truly better than almost every official pokemon game. the only criticism is that some mons have a mediocre design, but it's totally fine. the main story is awesome, the locations are good, the new type is pretty cool (a bit unbalanced tho)... and god the ost is incredible. definitively gonna 100% this game