Pokkén Tournament is a fighting video game and the first Pokémon title for the Nintendo Switch console. Take direct control of one of 21 prized Pokémon fighters to defeat other Pokémon in arena fights. Call upon Support Pokémon to assist in the fight, then unleash your Pokémon's unique Burst Attack to climb atop the ranks. With all new modes and new ways to battle with friends, this is your chance to become champion of the Ferrum Region!

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i played this game for the first time after like 7 years on halloween at a friend's place and i was getting fucking owned by my two drunk friends and i cherish that moment that solidifies my love for my friends and gameing

Great game but nintendo give up on this one, dosen't have much single player content, the online mode is dead with few people and no spectating system that kill any tournament streaming or hosting this game besides only 2 DLC characters making the roster with one space left forever.

Some really cool ideas but the arena style gameplay wasn’t doing it for me. It felt very bare bones. Online play was also horrible.

Decent roster, everything else sucked ass, awful voice acting, mediocre combat, stupid graphics, bad game.

Name one other game where Croagunk can reasonably fight Mewtwo and win.

A Pokemon fighting game that just gets old fast. Theres no online community for Pokken, so you can play with a friend, which gets old quick since low level play is so button mashy due to simple combo strings, or play a particularily boring campaign that punishes you for changing characters by having a per character level system.